How to get old Facebook chat bar back?

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The biggest social network – Facebook (面子书) just changed its chat bar (聊天功能) to new features. Facebook user can’t notice who are online, because the new Facebook chat bar just show few friends.

Although Facebook claim that the new featured will show friends who we interact most, but most of the Facebook user said it is really annoying and troublesome. The friends shown in the chat bar might not the friend who really want to be chat.


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It will be most irritating one for who have more number of friends. We have to type in the friend’s name one by one if we wish to chat with them. Now, a simple script extension you have to install in your Browser to get your Old Facebook chat.

How to get back our Favorite Facebook chat.

  1. Google Chrome Web Store > Type “Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler” to get the extension.
  2. Install the simple script extension
  3. Restart Google Chrome.

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