Application OCBC Titanium Master Card Rejected

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I tried apply OCBC Titanium Master Card recently. After about one week, I received a letter said that my application has not been successful.

I was rejected to get this Cash Rebates Credit Card, what’s going on?

ocbc reject application

“We have reviewed your recent application for the above-mentioned facility and regret to inform you that your application has not been successful. We are unable to reveal to you the credit evaluation criteria used as they remain confidential to the bank.”

My annual salary is more than RM 40,000 which eligible for applying this OCBC Titanium Master Card.

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I have stable salary income and don’t have any bad debt. I always pay my Maybank credit card on time. So, I really need a reason from them.

By the way, anyone face the same problem like me? How you solve it?

I tried email to them, waiting their reply. Wish me good luck.

UPDATE: Start from 29th November 2013, there will be no more 5% rebate on dining, groceries, utility bills and petrol for OCBC Titanium Card.

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29 comments on “Application OCBC Titanium Master Card Rejected

  1. vivo1314 [ Reply ]

    hi.. I am just wondering how do you actually write an appeal letter? Can you guide me as i have been rejected too which i have submited complete docs and my annual income more than 40k too.. Thanks.. Looking forward for your assistance.

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      Vivo1314, you may contact Joey ( 017-3899596 ) for your application failure analysis.

      I just wrote normal formal letter. Just state my salary, and attach my pay slip. .

  2. i tried send my 2nd times OCBC Titanium card application to Joey and i had received my card within 2 weeks .
    So Fred , contact Joey directly 🙂
    Good luck ^^

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      wow, good. Congratulations.
      Remember to pay the bill on time. Hehe.

  3. Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

    Fred, I think you can apply straight other bank credit card. I don’t think rejected by the OCBC bank not a big issue for applying other card.

    UOB or Maybank 2 Cards can be considered.

    • just applied UOB credit card today… hope to get the card soon…

      • Finally gt my UOB card today…. Maybe will apply it later la… btw i also send the appeal letter, see they gt respond to me anot, if yes maybe can get it also… if not get it later lor..

        • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

          congratulations Fred.
          credit card is nice to use, but remember to pay the bill on time. All the best.

  4. i try apply 3 times, 3 times also kena reject, i also dunno why i facing this also.. i does not have any bad debts, always pay credit card on time also…

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      Fred, your monthly income stable? You may contact Joey ( 017-3899596 ) for ur application fail enquiry .

      • Ya… Fixed income… i already fed up applying ocbc credit… make me more disappointed every times.

        • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

          Or maybe you want to apply UOB One credit card? It is a cash back credit card too.

          • Fred

            can consider d, i can apply straight ? since i being rejected by ocbc bank, other bank wont consider other bank;s result ?

  5. Hi Kui ,
    u may contact Joey ( 017-3899596 ) also ,
    ‘cos even we live in JB , she help my colleague to apply successfully ~ good luck ^^

  6. any ocbc credit card agent (MARKETING )at nibong tebal ?

  7. I had apply and fail also .
    u may contact Joey ( 017-3899596 ) for ur application fail enquiry .
    maybe she can analysis for u .
    my 5 colleague apply OCBC titanium thru her successful on last month 🙂
    wish u good luck ~~ !!

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      Thanks Shui, very good info. Hope I will get this card soon.

  8. ahsiang [ Reply ]

    my wife also have all the doc and don’t have any bad debt, but still being rejected. She got Citibank approved her credit card last year, and that Citibank Card is her only card. But OCBC still reject her application of this Titanium card. Looks like some random reject OCBC is implementing.

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      Yes, I know many people cannot get the approval.

      So, I wish to know the reason why OCBC rejected those, including my application. Hope OCBC will read this post.

  9. Smart Dad [ Reply ]

    How do you apply the card? Did you provide enough documentation? Normally they won’t give you the reason of reject. Please try again after 3 months.

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