How to Pay TNB (Electric Bill) Online Using Credit Card

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Hi, I just got my OCBC Titanium Credit Card. This credit card can be used to pay the TNB Electric bill online using OCBC Internet Banking System.

Today, I will show you how to to pay the bill online via OCBC step by step.

1. Login to your OCBC Internet Banking, click Bill Payment > To Non Registered Payee.

2. There are 3 columns: OCBC Facilities, Great Eastern and Billing Organizations. Click “Billing Organizations”.

OCBC pay TNB 1

3. Select the “TNB – Bil Elektrik”.

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OCBC pay TNB 2

4. After this, we key in the Account No, Bill No and the amount, then click OK.

OCBC pay TNB 3

5. We will be requested to key in the OTP (One Time Password). This OTP will send to us in 1 minutes after we click OK in step 4.

OCBC pay TNB 4

6. Once the website prompts up the sentence “Your request has been successfully accepted”. It’s mean we success pay the TNB bill online.

OCBC pay TNB 5

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4 comments on “How to Pay TNB (Electric Bill) Online Using Credit Card

  1. u apply thru Joey ?

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      No, I sent appeal letter to the OCBC.
      When Joey checked for me, she told me that my card is approved. She is a very kind girl. If someone have problem in applying OCBC Titanium Card, can contact her.

  2. Smart Dad [ Reply ]

    Congrats! U finally get it.

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      yes, finally i get this OCBC Titanium MasterCard. Hehe.

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