Best 1 month Fixed Deposit (FD) Malaysia: Bank Rakyat, MBSB, Affin Bank etc

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After I have written an article on topic “Highest FD Rates in Malaysia“, I got good response. Some of my friends asking me on which bank pays the highest Fixed Deposit (FD) rates for 1 month.

So, today I’m going to share the best 1 month FD Rates in Malaysia. If we have RM 5000 for fixed deposit placement, which bank and what type of the account should we choose? In order to get the best 1 month FD, I have prepared the following table.

PublicBank Sitiawan

1Bank Rakyat Term Deposit Account3.40% p.a.No explicit guarantee from PIDM.
2MBSB Conventional Fixed Deposit3.30% p.a.No explicit guarantee from PIDM.
3Affin Bank3.25 % p.a.-
4HongLeong Bank Mach Fixed Deposit3.15 % p.a.First Online Fixed Deposit
5Other Bank
MayBank, CIMB, RHB, BSN, Public bank, Ambank
3.15 % p.a.-
6Agrobank Agro Investment-i
2.65 % p.a.-
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Update:Jun 2015

From the table above, we can state that Bank Rakyat pay the highest 1 month Fixed Deposite rates.

In my view, Bank Rakyat pay the highest Fixed Deposite rates because their branches are less if compare to other bank. Besides, Bank Rakyat is no explicit guarantee from PIDM, so they pay higher rates to attract people.

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