4 Junior Saving Account by Affin, Maybank, AmBank and RHB [Comparison]

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Nowadays, there are many banks that provide Junior Saving Account for children who are less than 18 years old. My mother told me before; children are never too young to learn how to save their money, especially after getting AngPow during Chinese New Year.

As parents, you can start saving your children’s money with a high interest saving account. In fact, the Junior Saving Account’s interest is as high as Fixed Deposit account. That’s too great!

Most of the bank including Maybank, AmBank and RHB Bank is giving 2.95% – 3.25% interest rate for this type of saving account.

RHB Junior Savings

I’m preparing a table to compare Junior Saving Account by Affin Bank, May Bank, Ambank and RHB.

Deposit Range (RM)AffinBankMaybankAmBankRHB
Junior SaverYippie Savings AccountAmGenius Savings AccountJunior Savings Account
RM 1 -
RM 999
RM 1,000 -
RM 4,999
RM 5,000 -
RM 19,999
RM 20,000 -
RM 49,999
RM 50,000 -
RM 99,999
RM 100,000 -
RM 499,999
RM 500,000 -
RM 999,999
and above
SourceAffin Bank RatesMaybank RatesAmbank RatesRHB Bank Rates
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1st Update: July 2015
2nd Update: July 2016
3rd Update: Dec 2016
4th Update: Feb 2018

After I have done this research, I found some great things to share with you. Most of the bank is paying interest as high as ordinary fixed deposit, so we should encourage our children to learn saving money as young as possible.

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