How to transfer money from Maybank to Public Bank

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Recently, I bought a small gadget from internet and I tried to transfer the money to their Public Bank account via Maybank2u.

It’s very convenient to use the internet banking, but we have to aware some fake email or website which request our username or password.

We have to type the website address directly ( Don’t simply click any link to access the Maybank2u financial portal.

Today, I will show you how to transfer money from Maybank to Public Bank through the step by step.

1. Login to Maybank2u account, click Account & Banking > Transfer.

2. A few columns to be selected. We click New Interbank GIRO transfer.

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Maybank Transfer Public Bank

3. There is a list of banks in Malaysia. Select the “Public Bank”.


4. Key in the “Amount”, “Recipient Name” and the bank “Account number”.

5. We select “Fund Transfer” from the drop down list.

6. For secure, we have to select “Recipient ID Type” and “Recipient ID”.

Maybank Transfer Public Bank 3

6. We will be requested to key in the TAC (Transaction Authorisation Code). After key in the TAC, we success transfer the money from Maybank to Public Bank.

Maybank Transfer Public Bank 4

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3 comments on “How to transfer money from Maybank to Public Bank

  1. I’m under 18 and I heard that I couldn’t apply for internent banking. Can I transfer money from Maybank to Public Bank from the ATM? Or only can do it by online transfer?

  2. LiangLiang凉凉 [ Reply ]

    Now, all IBG transfer reduce to 10 sen only.

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