4 Broadband by TM Streamyx, TM UniFi, Maxis Fibre, Time Fibre [Comparison]

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Recently, Telekom Malaysia(TM), the broadband Malaysia service provider launched its new Streamyx 8Mbps package for Malaysians.

The package is called “Streamyx BB Deal 8Mbps” and cost RM160/month. So, we can get good download and upload speed from now, and it’s unlimited quota.

Details of the Streamyx BB Deal 8Mbps as below:

  • Free WiFi modem
  • Free TM WiFi ID
  • Free Cordless Phone
  • Free calls to TM Fixed Line Nationwide
  • Flat rate for calls nationwide

Time Fibre

Maxis fibre vs TM Unifi?

Many of my friends ask me about the Maxis Fibre and TM Unifi package. Sorry to tell you that my place cannot install both of them. However, here is one of their customer feedback.

“I am both a Unifi and Maxis Fibre user. I operate both in my home. While I won’t deny that Unifi does hiccup occasionally (once or twice a month probably), Maxis Fibre disconnects on a daily basis, sometimes up to 10 times.

Theoretically, this should not be happening as both routers are occupying the same fibre cable. I suspect it’s a problem to do with the router, but that hasn’t prompted Maxis to do anything. So go with Unifi. Too much inaction has made me lose respect for Maxis as a company. “Good” customer service will not help if you product is not even “there” to begin with.”~ Endomon, Selangor

Below is the complete list of Fibre and ADSL broadband Malaysia for residence or home users.

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Package NameFee (RM)Speed (Mbps)Price/ Mbps
Maxis Home Fibre 101481014.8
Maxis Home Fibre 20198209.9
Maxis Home Fibre 30248308.27
Maxis Home Fibre 1003981003.98
TM Streamyx ADSL 1 Mbps116.601116.60
TM Streamyx ADSL 2 Mbps137.80268.9
TM Streamyx ADSL 4 Mbps148.40437.2
TM Unifi Advance 30199306.63
TM Unifi Advance 50249504.98
TM UniFi Pro 1002991002.99
TIME Fibre 100 Mbps Home Broadband1491001.49
TIME Fibre 300 Mbps Home Broadband1893000.63
TIME Fibre 500 Mbps Home Broadband2995000.598
TM UniFi VIP 5 Mbps
TM UniFi VIP 10 Mbps
TM UniFi VIP 20 Mbps
Time Broadband ADSL 2 Mbps
Time Broadband ADSL 6 Mbps
Time Broadband ADSL 12 Mbps
Time Fibre Broadband 8 Mbps
Time Fibre Broadband 15 Mbps
Time Fibre Broadband 30 Mbps
Time Fibre Broadband 50 Mbps
Time Fibre Broadband 100 Mbps

Updated: Jun 2016

12 comments on “4 Broadband by TM Streamyx, TM UniFi, Maxis Fibre, Time Fibre [Comparison]

  1. joseph [ Reply ]

    the price is very low with this kind of speed,much more worth than other company

    • duan yu [ Reply ]

      exactly, and if you are planning to switch from other internet, you can get subsidy RM500 for the penalty charges, no need worry the penalty.

  2. duan yu [ Reply ]

    they have 3 package now 100Mbps RM149, 300Mbps RM229, 300Mbps RM299. the price of course is lower, because they increase the speed

  3. duan yu [ Reply ]

    TIME is not a new internet, is only they doing a lot of advertisement and they upgarding their old package, more people sign up their package.

    • joseph [ Reply ]

      what is the new package now?lower price? or higher?

  4. there are improvement on this 3 company now,the package is much more better and of course the price is different.

    • what’s the different between new package and old package? planning to switch to other internet, frustrated with my poor connection.

      • TIME upgrade the old package to higher speed package, and all the new package is unlimited quota.

        • sounds good, some more the price is attractive also, will discuss with my family.

  5. joseph [ Reply ]

    just saw this post, just realised that TIME is an old internet. i thought is a new internet

  6. 这一集的风采看到mister leaf哦。。。

    tm Streamyx 稳定


    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      哈哈。Helen, 谢谢支持。MisterLeaf 偶尔会在《风采》写稿,所以想看到 MisterLeaf 的中文理财文章,可以购买《风采》阅读。

      其实,我个人比较喜欢 UNIFI,但是UNIFI 并不是每个地区都有。

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