How to Pay EPF Self Contribution Online

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We can pay EPF or KWSP ourselves (self contribution) online using Maybank2U. A person or a owners who do not get salary (own business) is encouraged to participate the “EPF Self Contribution”. However, the minimum contribution payment amount is RM50 for every transaction and maximum of RM 60,000 yearly.

There are many advantages of “EPF Self Contribution”. The dividend rate of the EPF is always higher than Fixed Deposit Rate provided by bank. Besides, we can get tax relief up to RM 6000 under “Life insurance and EPF” types.

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Step By Step Pay EPF Online

1. Login to Maybank2U, click “Investment” > “EPF”.

Maybank To EPF

2. The system will show the account which already registered by ourselves previously. Click “EPF Registered Payment”. Click “Add” to add new EPF account if we haven’t register our account.

Maybank To EPF

3. Select the “Self Contribution”.

Maybank To EPF

4. Key in the amount.

Maybank To EPF

5. Click confirm and success.

Maybank To EPF

Maybank To EPF

If you want to know more about the Historical EPF Dividend Rate, read the article here : EPF Dividend Rate (2000-2018)

6 comments on “How to Pay EPF Self Contribution Online

  1. The transaction can show immediately at our EPF online account? How to trace?

    • MisterLeaf [ Reply ]

      No immediately. Take a few working days to update in the system. You can check online.

  2. Thank you so much for the sharing.

  3. that show 2reason i cannot pay by maybank2u
    –transaction declined.please contact bank–
    —from account is required–
    i already follow your step why cannot=(

    • MisterLeaf [ Reply ]

      Do you key in your EPF number correctly? And check again your bank account number.

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