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I tried to apply the OCBC Titanium credit card Malaysia recently, and I failed to get approval for the first time.

Some of my friends and the OCBC people advised me to reapply the OCBC Master Card again after 2 or 3 months. One of my friends told me that I can contact a girl named Joey. She can help me to get this OCBC credit card.

However, I try to call the customer services and told them that I wished to get this card urgently. My annual salary is more than RM 40,000 which eligible for applying this OCBC Titanium Master Card.

After this, they gave me a email address and asked me to write a simple appeal letter and send to them.

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2 weeks later, I got the OCBC Titanium Card approval letter.

OCBC Titanium Card approval letter

“We are pleased to inform you that above mentioned Credit Card application has been approved.”

“The Credit Card has been sent to you. Upon receipt, please sign on the signature panel of the card immediately.”

Ok, now I have this cash back card with 5% in Petrol, 5% in Telco bills and many more. A step to save more money.

The following is a simple chart to let everyone know clearly about the cash rebates of OCBC Titanium card.

OCBC Titanium Credit Card Malaysia

UPDATE: Start from 29th November 2013, there will be no more 5% rebate on dining, groceries, utility bills and petrol for OCBC Titanium Card.

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95 comments on “Approve! OCBC Titanium Master Card Malaysia in hand

  1. Roland [ Reply ]

    Hi, I applied for Maybank 2 Gold card.. However my application was not approved. I called the customer service.. They told I can only apply after 6 mths! Why is it not possible reapply again?

    • MisterLeaf [ Reply ]

      Normally, they will review your application after 6 months. Make sure good repayment record in this 6 months, including other bank credit card, car loan or home loan.

  2. Hi MisterLeaf, is joey still available?

  3. Hi MisterLeaf, I had apply for OCBC MasterCard (Silver) last month, after one week they called me inform that my application has been rejected instead of unknowing reason, may I know mostly is what reason? I had fully settlement my car loan in Aug 2014, no any other loan under my name, would like to apply UOB or HLB cc now, will they reject again?

  4. Is annual income less than RM36,000-00 can apply for 3rd card if already have 2 cards in hand?? MisterLeaf, the email you provide to me for OCBC why no reply to the customer, very terrible services, if cannot apply within 6 months after rejection, just inform the customer, why keep quiet, same income, same documents , same requirement for application of OCBC Master Card (Blue) without Platinum and UOB One Card, UOB approved but OCBC reject, what OCBC required ??

  5. that email you provide never reply, OCBC is 3rd time reject my application, very “lan Si” bank, I think they choose people for holding their Bank’s credit card, they only approve for high educated people, don’t know whether they choose customer or not if want pledge FD for RM50K?? they launch new master card (blue/pink) minimum requirement is RM24,000-00 per annum is cheating, I already fulfilled all their requirements but still reject me.

  6. I get rejected after waiting almost 1 month for my application of OCBC Master Card (Blue/Pink) without Titanium one, even they said minimum requirement of income are RM24,000-00 per annum, im RM2,200-00 per month, only holding one card now, but still rejected??

  7. OCBC Titanium Card is better than Citibank Shell Card, at least OCBC got 1% rebate for all expenses better than Citibank only rebate on shell purchase, if I apply UOB One Card, my Citibank Shell card will be useless as I need to use UOB One Card for petrol instead of using Citibank Shell Card right??

  8. im now holding Citibank Shell Gold Card but I feel that is not benefit for me as im not using over RM300-00 per month on my Petrol so actually is 0% cashback on other expenses, I have try to convert to Citibank Cashback Platinum but they reject. Is Hong Leong Bank Essential card good??

  9. My income only RM2,200-00 per month, im now holding one card only with credit limit RM6,000-00, I have apply OCBC Titanium Master card and UOB One Card before but both of it also rejected, my income should eligible to apply another card right?? do I need to reduce my credit limit for my current holding card so I can apply any other Bank’s credit card?? Im interested with OCBC Titanium Master Card, anybody can help me. thanks.

  10. my income was only RM2,200-00 per month, I have apply OCBC Titanium Master Card and UOB One Card but both of them are rejected, im holding one Card only at the moment, for my income should be eligible for 2 credit cards right??

    • MisterLeaf [ Reply ]

      You can try to appeal. But what is your card you now? What’s the credit limit?

      Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Guidelines on Credit Cards:

      1. Principal cardholders must be at least 21 years old with a minimum annual income of RM24,000.
      2. Principal cardholders earning RM36,000 per annum or less are restricted to:
      (a) Holding credit cards from a maximum of two credit card issuers
      (b) Having a maximum credit limit of two times their monthly income per credit card issuer

  11. I see, I’ve just apply HLB essential n been rejected n hell for no reason. Now I’m thinking of applying this OCBC Titanum, wonder if someone can help.

  12. Thinking of apply OCBC CC, wonder if any one can introduce me some “experience” person to help me apply?

  13. HUH! OCBC got no more 5% rebate lo.. only 1% start tomorrow

    • MisterLeaf [ Reply ]

      Yeah, no more 5% rebate start from 29 Nov 2013.

  14. Best wish [ Reply ]

    how about personal loan? my application always been rejected.

    • MisterLeaf [ Reply ]

      How much you want to loan from the bank? How old are you? and what is your current job and salary?

  15. Caesar Lim [ Reply ]

    OK,Still in processing.Joey tell me if we are apply by online the OCBC bank are depend on our most high c/card limit,they wotn c our salary n epf currently.
    Example: my c/card limit most high are RM5000,they will calculation like this RM5000/3=RM1667,the RM1667 is my salary…So last time my application rejected.This bank policy r very special,haha.Mister Leaf,Thank you for intorduce Joey to me.

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      Wow, very special calculation. Thanks for update me the process. Good Luck.

  16. Caesar Lim [ Reply ]

    Hi Mr Leaf,
    I also have apply Standard Chatered bank c/card but also rejected. That she told my car loan,housing loan n other c/card havent reach 2years,mar’13 my car loan just 1year 11months,then now my car loan have already 2years 1 month, can i apply one more time?

    • Jason T [ Reply ]

      To be honest, with all the benefits been slashed from Standard Chartered you will certainly be sure not to apply for their credit card at the moment. For general, Maybank 2 Cards (Amex) will be greatly useful during weekend and you might want to consider UOB One as it offer quite a punch too. For unlimited 1% rebate (except petrol) i’d recommend the Hong Leong Essential.

      • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

        yes, I agree with Jason T. You should try to apply Maybank 2 Cards (Amex). You can find more here:

      • Caesar Lim [ Reply ]

        thank Jason.UOB one already get n use 2 year alr.
        Dear Mister Leaf,
        I have contact Ms Joey n she shall help me submit again.Thank you.I go c the maybank Amex 1st,thank ya!!

        • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

          Caesar, wish you all the best. Update me if you success to get the OCBC cards ya.

  17. Caesar Lim [ Reply ]

    Me too, i also dont know why they rejected my application. I never late pay my housing loan and car loan,all of loan i over pay every month. And my UOB card i fully settled each monthly never late payment.

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      How many credit card do you have now?

      Maybe you can try contact Joey ( 017-3899596 ) for ur application fail enquiry .

  18. Magdelane [ Reply ]

    Hi Mister Leaf,

    I had sent mine appeal letter on 22/02/2013 once i acknowledge that my applied was fail. Till now i yet to receive any news from that. How should i do?

    Hope to hear you soon.


    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      Magdelane, u may contact Joey ( 017-3899596 ) for ur application fail enquiry . Maybe she can analysis for u .

  19. But last year I apply for uob credit card n been rejected..if I aply ocbc credit card now n still reject , can I write appeal letter to ocbc bank…anyway. .how to check whether my name is in the black list…?izzit if black listed, no way I can apply any credit card from any other bank…? Cant do anything if black listed…

  20. Honestly..I have bad credit early last year , but I already settle it..I still got chance to apply credit card working at sgpore n have stable income

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      If you clear your debt, then sure you can try to apply the credit card again. However, I’m not your name in the black list or not, maybe it’s good time for you to check so.

  21. Mister leaf, thanks for your info. But, Jusco allow to swipe card for below RM10? I thought it is a standard practices for any merchant that min amount allow for using card is RM50. Just wonder is there any cancellation fee if i would like to terminate ocbc ti? Not sure if this card have any hidden T & C. Currently i already holding 2 cards and i am not a heavy user though. Mainly use them for petro and travel. So, still hesitate should i proceed the application…

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      I swipe my OCBC card at Tesco, any amount also accepted.

      Hmm, I don’t think there have any cancellation fee for termination. If you not the heavy user, no need get extra card, because you have to pay the RM 50 Government tax which cannot waive by OCBC.

  22. Hi guys, i had visited big bad wolf book fair at MIECC (Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre) and OCBC credit card team is currently having their road-show over there. U will get 1 book fair voucher worth RM10 if u apply ocbc titanium card there. The book fair will ended by 23th Dec 2012. For those who really want to apply ocbc ti, dont miss your chance. The ocbc staff told me, ocbc ti card holder can use the express lane to enter the book fair.

    However, i still not sure is the rebate can be made with any amount spend? coz the brochure i get stated there, RM50 minimum spend + 5% on grocery, dining, petrol, bills, 33% on interest paid. Anyone know bout this?

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      Bee, thanks for your info.
      Wow, seem like it’s a quite a good free gift there if we want to get any books .

      I try to use OCBC to buy Tesco fruit which below than RM 10, still can get cash rebate 5%. I don’t think we have to spend more than RM 50 to get rebate.

      Correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks.

  23. Shermane [ Reply ]

    Hi, my application was rejected. Last Friday email to [email protected] for appeal. Till now no one response or reply.
    May i know how long more need to wait ya?


    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      Hi Shermane, I didn’t get any call or email from them, but I success to get the OCBC Titanium Credit card in 1-2 weeks after email to [email protected]. Don’t worry, just wait.

      • Shermane [ Reply ]

        Thanks dear 🙂 hope can get.

        • Shermane [ Reply ]

          Hello Mister Leaf, thank you so much for the info… I received my titanium card yesterday:)
          Have a nice weekends

          • Mister Leaf

            Shermane, you’re welcome.
            Keep in touch and happy holidays 🙂

  24. Hi brother Mister Leaf,

    I have applied Malaysia Standard Chartered credit card, the staff did call me and told me that I have fulfilled all the requirements, but at the end I still received the application failure letter.

    Why so difficult to get a credit card in Malaysia? Is it due to online application?Or not enuf money in my Malaysia bank?Or someone stolen my identity and applied under my name before? What could be the reasons that my application were failed?

    Thanks for your advice

  25. Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

    Fred, why you need so much credit limit? If the credit card lost, the credit limit is one of the issue for worrying.

  26. just gt a massage from OCBC, say my card is approved, and is sending to me…

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      Congratulations, remember to pay the credit card bill on time.

      • but the credit limit offer very few…then smallest limit i gt among my credit card… =.=

        • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

          How much the credit limit does OCBC give you?

          • Fred

            3k only… the lowest compare with other bank…

  27. Reinar [ Reply ]

    i’m 23, now my annual salary is just RM31K, I have no any credit card before, is it possible to apply OCBC Titanium card ??

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      Stable income? Job Confirmation pass? No bad debt? Then should be no problem to get this OCBC credit card.

  28. I am a Malaysian, working in Singapore…I wish to get Malaysia credit card so that some of the payments like insurance can charge to my credit card..then i can use internet banking to make payment online…Maybe I ll try to contact Joey…Not sure is she able to help or not…Thanks for your suggestion anyway…

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      I think you have bank account in Malaysia, and have some money in that.
      Print out the statement. I think should be no problem for apply credit card.
      All the best.

      • I had OCBC bank account in Malaysia edy. Never mind, since they don’t want to approve it, so just let it be…I ll try out others bank…Btw, I just received their rejection mail last week…it seems like the appeal letter also failed…haha…

    • alexis2power [ Reply ]

      So Joey manage to assist you?
      Did you get the card eventually?

      • Nope… I did not get her help… I tried other banks and my applications were successful. OCBC Malaysia Bankers really dunno how to do business… Whatever…good luck to them

        • Which banks did you try and were successful?

  29. haizz…i sent the appeal email to them but no response…i tried Standard chartered but oso failed…Msia banks are really sucks…dunno wat is their hidden criterion…why not juz reveal n tell us?they want business n we give them business…i ll try UOB anyway…really disappointed…

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      Are you Malaysian? Or you are foreigner?
      Hmm, maybe you can try the bank which your salary paid in there.

  30. Smart Dad [ Reply ]

    They will not tell you the reason. It’s confidential.

  31. I tried to find out the reason of rejection but the lady said, it’s confidential so I didn’t push it.

    I hope I could get the approval letter as well.

    Thanks BTW

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      JP, maybe you can try contact Joey ( 017-3899596 ).
      Tell her your application problem.

  32. Mister Leaf,

    As I was reading here, I got a call from customer service saying that my credit card application has been denied. I applied Oct 5, received a call confirming my application and after that I haven’t heard anything from them.

    After I followed up via phone, I received a call today, confirming the denial of my application. I tried submitting an appeal on [email protected], forwarding the email with attachments I sent to the first agent.

    What’s the change of getting approved? You guys have sent email to [email protected] and you got an approval letter? am I getting any email from them or should I just wait for a snail mail of approval?

    FYI, I am a foreign worker so I’m not sure of the chance of getting approved 🙁 frowns..

    p.s. if I cant get the ocbc card, should I consider UOB 😉 *smirks

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      First, you should find out what’s the reason they rejected your application.

      I wrote an appeal letter and email to them, they didn’t reply. But after a couple days, I got this approval letter in my house mail box.

      If you cannot get this OCBC card, you should try other banks’ card. All the best.

  33. OCBC titanium mastercard promotion til DEC 2012:
    lst year – zero annual fee, zero gov tax
    Long term benefits:
    Pay bills and grocery the best, rebate 5%,
    Petrol and dining rebate 5% as well
    Insurance rebate 1%,
    No minimum spend,
    Any time, any where, any amount,
    2nd year gov tax and annual fee can be waive as well….

    OCBC titanium master card minimum requirement:
    age above 30 : basic rm3000
    age below 30 : basic rm2500

    ic need one signature + application forms 3 signatures = 4 signatures
    3 months payslips….
    for commission earner, 6 months payslips….

    feel free to PM or sms or call or whatsapp me for more details –> alex lee, 0164100967

    official email: [email protected]
    personal email: [email protected]

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      Do you want to put an advertisement in, just like Miss Tan from UOB. RM 150 for 30 days.

      I believe you will earn more than that if you put an advertisement here, email me. Best[email protected]

      • Hi, I have the same issue with you guys and I have also written an email to their customer service ([email protected]) since I fulfilled the requirements and also sent all the required documents as per requested.

        May I know will they contact me upon the reception of my appeal email? Or they will only mail me the approval letter after few days/weeks?

        Thanks for your feedback in advance

        • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

          I tried emailing to [email protected] and got the approval letter after a few weeks.
          They have never contacted me, maybe they just review the application and appeal letter.

          Update here if you get the approval letter. Thanks.

  34. thanks.i know pcsf not good, i just try for fun…try my luck. just 1 K

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      RM 1000 for luck? Wow, seem like you are so rich arr..

      I just can try my luck with RM 3, buying 4D Magnum or Da Ma Cai Big Sweep Lottery. Hehe.

      • 🙂 feel good , so nice if some one say you are rich.

  35. never to late to learn :).
    1) this is my first card.
    2) i start to invest in public mutual online. just buy PCSF 1k.
    many said PCSF not good, but try 1k….. hahhahaha…. for fund

  36. 凉凉LiangLiang [ Reply ]

    Please let me know if you want to apply UOB Credit Card. Swipe three time in 60 days can get RM 50 cash back. Promotion NOW.

    • Mister leaf, i get the approval letter on 13 AUGUST after i wrote to appeal on 8 AUG, waiting my card now, share the happiness with you all .
      Liang liang thanks anyway, one card is enaough for me, now i have to study how to get maximum RM50 🙂 from this card.

      • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

        Kui, congratulations. It’s easy to get RM 50 cash rebate from this OCBC Titanium Card. Don’t worry.
        Later, I will show how I get RM 50 per month.

    • k sivaji ganesh [ Reply ]

      Hi i am indian software engineer. My anual salary is 72000Rm. I want to apply UOB credit card. Can u tell me the process. My contact number -01128305679

  37. haha i took it seriously you see. I want to write a formal letter to show my sincere, hihihi. Anyway i will write, wish me good luck

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      Yeah, all the best.
      Or you want to apply UOB Credit Card? Hehe.

  38. my application been rejected (2 august), really need a reason. I have no creadit card, salary about 50K anually, not make sence they reject. I took it as a challenge, decide to appeal (write to [email protected]), who can teach me to write a simple appeal letter , to make sure i get this card. MY ENGLISH is not very good, please help…

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      Kui, no need professional or A1 English. Just write and email. Leave a phone number. Just a simple appeal letter.

  39. Keverne [ Reply ]

    Hi, my application also got rejected… my annual salary is rm44k. Can you give me more details on how to proceed with the appeal process? Thanks!

  40. Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

    Chuimei, Keverne and BigHead,

    I send my appeal letter to this email address: [email protected]. You all can try your luck.

  41. bighead [ Reply ]

    I apply this card and been rejected!!!

  42. chuimei [ Reply ]

    can u give me the OCBC agent contact?

    • MisterLeaf [ Reply ]

      Maybe you can try contact Joey ( 017-3899596 ).

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