What is the cheapest brokerage in KLSE Bursa Malaysia?

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We must go through a broker (securities) to buy and sell stocks in KLSE Bursa Malaysia, only a licensed broker (securities) can deal directly with the stock market.

There are a lot of securities in Malaysia, but which one offer the cheapest brokerage?

Currently there are two securities that offer 0.035% or minimum RM 6. Both are an upfront account which mean you must have money only can buy. There are:

(A) Malacca Securities

Websites: mplusonline.com.my

Malacca securities KLSE Malaysia


  1.  Using Platform from ActiveX (Excel Force)
  2. Absorb RM 10 CDS opening account fees
  3. Absorb RM 10 CDS transferring per counter for unlimited counter


If you have 10 stocks in MayXXX Securities, you can transfer all the counter to Malacca Securities. They will rebate RM 100 for you after you show them the receipt.

For nominees account, the transferring fee is RM 20, but Malacca Securitie only absorb RM 10.


  1. Limited branches of account opening, they are 4 branches in whole Malaysia.
  2. Limited period – Promotion end of October, after that the brokerage will be 0.08%.
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(B) Ambank Securities

Websites: amesecurities.com.my – edirect account

Amsecurities KLSE Malaysia


  1. Strong support from Ambank
  2. No deadline for the 0.035% rate
  3. Flexible – can change from cash up front to collateral without opening two accounts


  1. Using Java (N2N Connect) platform which are not so user friendly
  2. Didn’t absorb the RM 10 CDS opening fee
  3. Didn’t absorb the RM 10 transferring per counter
  4. Limited branches


I choose Malacca Securities because of the counter transferring fee rebate from them and ease of use of the Excel force platform. I have used Malacca Securities for 1 month and I am happy with their platform as well as services provided.

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4 comments on “What is the cheapest brokerage in KLSE Bursa Malaysia?

  1. Amsecurities 还有 0.035% ???

    确定吗 ? 我打电话去问 说没有了

    请问是不是 要透过其他 remiser 才能得到这个rate ?

  2. 版主,我对这个Malacca Securities很有兴趣,不过我想请问他们是否有Online Banking 直接网上汇款,或是只能通过银行汇款入他们的户口?

  3. 可爱妈 [ Reply ]

    你的意思是, 如果用RM10千的交易,他们只是收费0.035%? (RM10,000 X 0.035% = RM3.50)
    总额交易=RM10,003.50 ?

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