How to Pay TNB (Electric Bill) Online Using Credit Card

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Hi, I just got my OCBC Titanium Credit Card. This credit card can be used to pay the TNB Electric bill online using OCBC Internet Banking System.

Today, I will show you how to to pay the bill online via OCBC step by step.

1. Login to your OCBC Internet Banking, click Bill Payment > To Non Registered Payee.

2. There are 3 columns: OCBC Facilities, Great Eastern and Billing Organizations. Click “Billing Organizations”.

OCBC pay TNB 1

3. Select the “TNB – Bil Elektrik”.

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OCBC pay TNB 2

4. After this, we key in the Account No, Bill No and the amount, then click OK.

OCBC pay TNB 3

5. We will be requested to key in the OTP (One Time Password). This OTP will send to us in 1 minutes after we click OK in step 4.

OCBC pay TNB 4

6. Once the website prompts up the sentence “Your request has been successfully accepted”. It’s mean we success pay the TNB bill online.

OCBC pay TNB 5

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5 comments on “How to Pay TNB (Electric Bill) Online Using Credit Card

  1. i’ve just cancelled the CIMB REBATE MASTERCARD. Planing to get a new replacement MasterCard, and seems OCBC 365 have 1% rebate in everything. Wondering any free gift if apply online, and also will OCBC waived the RM25 SST in Malaysia. Also, if using Jompay or online banking to pay TNB and insurance for Prudential, will get any rebate or not? Seems most the credit card will removed rebate benefits for insurance, telco and utilities starting year 2020.

    Currently I am using UOB One and Yolo, but starting year 2020, all the benefits being reduced and planing to cut both card also soon, if able to find replacement card from other banks that provide more better rebate.

  2. u apply thru Joey ?

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      No, I sent appeal letter to the OCBC.
      When Joey checked for me, she told me that my card is approved. She is a very kind girl. If someone have problem in applying OCBC Titanium Card, can contact her.

  3. Smart Dad [ Reply ]

    Congrats! U finally get it.

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      yes, finally i get this OCBC Titanium MasterCard. Hehe.

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