4 Gold Investment Account by CIMB, Maybank, PB and UOB [Comparison]

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Previously, I told you all that there are two main types of gold investment? Do you all still remember how to buy gold?

Yes, paper gold (Gold Investment Account) and physical gold. We can go any bank to ask about the gold account or gold saving account. Buy 5 grams or 10 grams and get some experience. You can try to get some gold coins like Kijang Emas from Maybank too. For CIMB Gold account, you can buy and sell via CIMB clicks or CIMB branch OTC (Over-The-Counter), the price is bit different.

Maybank Gold Coin

What’s the best gold investment account in Malaysia? I have studied the Gold account from Maybank, Public Bank, CIMB and UOB.

  • CIMB Bank Gold Investment Account (GIA)
  • Maybank Gold Investment Account (MGIA)
  • Public Bank Gold Investment Account (GIA)
  • UOB Gold Saving Account (GSA)

Gold Account Camparison:

AccountCIMB BankMaybankPublic BankUOB
Min Initial Deposit1 gram1 gram5 grams20 grams
Min Subsequent
1 gram &
multiple of 1 gram
in multiple of 1 gram1 grams &
multiple of 1 gram
Minimum 5 grams
Min Balance1 gram1 gram2 grams10 grams
Cash WithdrawalYesYesYesYes
Physical Gold
Online Gold TradingYesYesYesYes
Annual FeesRM5 if year end balance <5 gramsUnknownRM10 if year end balance <10 gramsUnknown
Bank SellingRM274.60RM271.99RM273.28RM270.10
Bank BuyingRM260.00RM261.54RM262.72RM266.00
Price Spread
per gram*
RM14.60 (5.62%)RM10.45 (4%)RM10.56 (4%)RM4.10 (1.54%)
Selling Buying PricesCIMBMaybankPublic BankUOB
WebsiteCIMB Bank WebMaybank WebsitePublic Bank WebUOB Website
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Update: Sep 2018

How to choose the best gold account? From the chart, we know that the price spread per gram of UOB Gold Saving Account just RM 4.10 (2.5%), the least among the four banks.

Price Spread per gram = Selling Price – Buying Price
Selling Price = Bank sell gold to us
Buying Price = Bank buy gold from us

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41 comments on “4 Gold Investment Account by CIMB, Maybank, PB and UOB [Comparison]

  1. SemakanMy 25-12-2019 [ Reply ]

    Thanks you very much for comparison

  2. Illya 11-11-2019 [ Reply ]

    Can I buy Kijang emas from other banks other than Maybank? e. Public bank
    Do I have to pay extra fees for delivery of physical gold?
    Can I buy physical gold from bank Negara?

  3. Elsie 30-09-2019 [ Reply ]

    Should also compare other related Gold investment like Gold ETF (Tradeplus Shariah Gold Tracker) listed on Bursa Malaysia. It trades like shares, so the spread is generally lower than the Bank’s Gold Investment Account and it also has physical gold backing. I personally find that it’s the most cost efficient way to invest in Gold and I also invest in it myself.

    • MisterLeaf 01-10-2019 [ Reply ]

      Thanks for your information.

  4. Han Pei 30-08-2019 [ Reply ]

    May I know other than price spread and annual fee, does bank charge any processing fees or commission on us when trading paper gold?

  5. Yap 07-08-2019 [ Reply ]

    thank you vry much for sharing!

    • MisterLeaf 09-08-2019 [ Reply ]

      You’re welcome

  6. Ira 09-07-2019 [ Reply ]

    So which one is better?

    • MisterLeaf 09-07-2019 [ Reply ]

      Each bank have pro and con.

  7. Weng Keong 30-06-2019 [ Reply ]

    Hi, I am new on gold investment and I am interested to invest gold.
    Did every bank selling the same kind of gold or different kind of gold?

  8. Dr Noraini ibrahim 11-02-2019 [ Reply ]

    Better buy gold bullion than paper gold. Spread gold bullion is lower but then to discouraging for many reasons.Do your homework first before embaking to different option

    • MisterLeaf 11-02-2019 [ Reply ]

      Thanks for your opinion.

  9. beng 06-09-2018 [ Reply ]

    Can i deposit the real gold such like 916 gold into the gold accounts?

    • MisterLeaf 11-09-2018 [ Reply ]

      cannot. However, you can put the real gold in the safe deposit box provided by bank.

  10. Muhd Salleh 18-08-2018 [ Reply ]

    I’m looking for gold bar refer MKS price & can get less%. Pls call me

  11. Naufal Akmal 02-07-2018 [ Reply ]

    Public Gold are better than all of this bank so far. Contact me for more detail. 013-9507495 whatsapp.

  12. issac_n 06-06-2017 [ Reply ]

    Gold Purity that purchase from bank is 24k?

  13. issac_n 06-06-2017 [ Reply ]

    since Price Spread per gram is changing over time , this is important for short term investor , but for long term investor should choose lowest Selling Price ? am i correct?

    • MisterLeaf 11-06-2017 [ Reply ]

      Price spread per gram should be the important criteria for both short term and long term investor, because we can only sell back the gold to the bank which we invest.

  14. hidahyah 29-05-2017 [ Reply ]

    price spread is not controlled by BNM?

    • MisterLeaf 29-05-2017 [ Reply ]

      Price Spread per gram = Selling Price – Buying Price
      Selling Price = Bank sell gold to us
      Buying Price = Bank buy gold from us

      Since different bank have different selling and buying price, that’s why the price spread per gram is different between all bank. Example: Maybank sell 1g gold at RM177.43, CIMB sell 1g gold at RM181.50, Public Bank sell 1g gold at RM178.20 at 29 May 2017.

  15. Jules 16-01-2017 [ Reply ]

    Hi, Im trying to figure out if banks are better option than jewellers that offer gold saving i.e joyalukkas. Are you familiar with their scheme?

  16. Amanda 25-11-2016 [ Reply ]

    I went to UOB recently, they told me no physical gold withdrawal is available. They only offer paper gold. Is that right?

    • MisterLeaf 25-11-2016 [ Reply ]

      I just checked their website. Here is the information:

      Conversion to physical gold
      You may convert the gold purchased under Premier Gold Account and Gold Savings Account to physical gold (subject to our approval). A conversion fee will be charged for the conversion. For Conversion Fees, please refer to “Rates & Fees”.

      Maybe you can check with them again.

  17. GTi-R 23-11-2016 [ Reply ]

    Lately, UOB buy/sell price spread has increased.
    Its now around 2.286%. Quite a big increase from previous spread of 1.6~1.7%.

    They still offers the smallest spread, but the need to transact at branches rather than online (which add to the cost, provide limited transaction time and quite a hassle as their branches are limited in number) make their spread less and less attractive.

    Meanwhile CIMB spread reduced a little to 2.97%. As CIMB allows buy/sell online thru CIMBClick, their GIA will be very attractive if they can lower the spread to 2.4~2.5%.

    MBB spread is around there, at 4.196%. What a huge spread for paper gold. I just don’t know why anyone would invest with them.

    The spread above are based on 23 November 2016 rates.

  18. MisterLeaf 27-07-2015 [ Reply ]

    kin, we have prepared the chart that show the gold price history chart from Maybank, CIMB, UOB and Public Bank: http://www.misterleaf.com/2621/how-check-bank-gold-price/

  19. Kin 27-07-2015 [ Reply ]

    do we have a chart that showing how was the paper gold price over the recent years (or months)?
    for example, chart that shows Maybank paper gold price from January to June 2015??

  20. ying 23-06-2015 [ Reply ]

    can i know the advantage of UOB golden investment compare with other bank?

    • BrianTan1979 15-09-2015 [ Reply ]

      UOB have the lowest price spread of RM 2++ which means that you only need to wait for a price increase of RM 2++ before you make a profit.

      I am using UOB gold savings and so far, it haven’t failed me. I managed to transact and make profits even when it is not possible to do so with other banks.

      On the other hand, UOB branches are not that common compared to the other banks and you need to go to the counter to perform the transactions. Online transactions for gold are not available for the common folk.

  21. theresa 05-04-2015 [ Reply ]

    hi there
    just wanna ask you if you have compare the buy/sell rate between PBB and CIMB on the same date?

  22. xueen 17-12-2013 [ Reply ]

    can i know how to see the buying price and selling price?

    • MisterLeaf 18-12-2013 [ Reply ]

      You can click the link in the table. Example, click the Buying Selling Prices column of each bank.

  23. Nicholas 02-07-2012 [ Reply ]

    may i know uob got provide internet service for gold acc?

    • 凉凉LiangLiang 02-07-2012 [ Reply ]

      As i know, UOB bank have update their latest gold price in their website. But, for any buying or selling, you have to visit your nearest UOB Branch.

  24. Mister Leaf 07-06-2012 [ Reply ]

    Oh, why you choose Maybank? The “Price Spread per gram” is highest among banks in Malaysia.

    • Teck 17-10-2017 [ Reply ]

      Maybank says they do not have yearly management fees. It made it sound Maybank is more acceptable to those keeping less than 10g of gold, as other banks charge management fees at that point?

  25. Maxloon120 07-06-2012 [ Reply ]

    Obviously UOB is better, but i go for Maybank.

    • Premnath Krishnan 05-01-2017 [ Reply ]

      May I ask why you prefer may bank over UOB!?

      • MisterLeaf 07-01-2017 [ Reply ]

        UOB have the lowest price spread of RM 3 which means that you only need to wait for a price increase of RM 3 before you make a profit.

    • Dev 20-05-2020 [ Reply ]

      Hai. So from the chart above which bank is better to invest in gold? The lowest price spread per gram or the highest? Thank u.

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