How to Check Bank Gold Price from Maybank, CIMB, PB, UOB [History Chart]

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Some people have asked me on how to check gold price of the bank to invest in gold accounts.

In fact, there was a very simple and convenient method, we can just go to the bank’s website to check gold price, which includes the CIMB Bank, Maybank, UOB Bank, and Public Bank website.

pamp suisse gold bar

The above picture is Pamp Suisse’s gold bars (Physical Gold). Basically, the price of gold for each bank is not the same. If you wish to check the bank’s gold price from their official website, you can click the link below.

2020 (Latest)
CIMBGold Price
Maybank Gold Price
Public BankGold Price
UOB Gold Price
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If you want to invest in gold, you shouldn’t compare which bank gold price is cheaper, but have to look at the difference price when gold trading (Buying Gold and Selling Gold).

If the difference of the sale of gold is high, the bank is not preferred.

Want to know more? You can look at the “Compare Gold Investment Account in Malaysia“.

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