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MisterLeaf.com, created by MisterLeaf and LiangLiang, is a comprehensive personal finance management and tutorial blog site, focusing on government housing project, computer technology and investment information.

Apart from blogging, We are also invited by the well known publishers in Malaysia such as “Nanyang Siang Pau” (南洋商报) , ” Gemeilia” (哥妹俩) and “Feminine” (风采) magazine to write articles in their columns. MisterLeaf.com is the Winner of Malaysia Website Award (MWA 2016).

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2011, MisterLeaf.com is the Winner of “Malaysian Chinese Blog Award” (大马中文部落格祭) in Best Technology Blog category.

In the future, the contents will be written in English and Chinese (Mandarin),to become another famous Malaysian technology and personal financing blog site.

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