How to pay Maybank Ikhwan Mastercard?

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Maybank introduced Maybank Ikhwan mastercard which the credit card holders can get 5% rebate on petrol and groceries on Friday and Saturday. Malaysians with a minimum annual income of RM 30,000 is eligible to apply the credit card.

Today, I will show you how to pay the Maybank Mastercard Ikhwan credit card online through the new version step by step. We don’t need go to any branch of Maybank for paying the credit card bill. Instead, we can pay the bill anytime and anywhere using Maybank2U.

Recently, Maybank introduced and launched the new Maybank2U website. So, I will show the methods using new website. Besides Maybank Mastercard Ihkwan, the same methods can be used to pay others credit card like Maybank AMEX (American Express) and VISA credit card.

Step By Step Pay Credit Card Bill in Malaysia

1. Login to our account. Type in the username and password.

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Maybank Mastercard Ikhwan Payment 01

Maybank Mastercard Ikhwan Payment 02

Maybank Mastercard Ikhwan Payment 03

2. After login, we will see the task bar on the top that showing our accounts, cards, fixed deposit and wealth. Click “Cards” and all the cards will be shown. Click “Mastercard Ikhwan Gold”.

Maybank Mastercard Ikhwan Payment 04

3. The details like last payment, statement, available credit limit etc will be shown. Click “Pay Now” in “Statement Balance” column.

Maybank Mastercard Ikhwan Payment 05

4. Click “Transfer” to transfer the money from our saving accounts to the credit card accounts.

Maybank Mastercard Ikhwan Payment 06

5. Click “Confirm”.

Maybank Mastercard Ikhwan Payment 07

6. Success and we can save receipt by click the “Save Receipt” button on the bottom.

Maybank Mastercard Ikhwan Payment 08

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