How to report lost or stolen credit card? (All Banks Contact Number Here)

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When your wallet or handbag snatched by motorist or when you lost your credit cards (stolen credit card) and all your personal ID cards, the first thing you should do is NOT to report to police.

I’m not talking about the efficiency of policeman, but I believe the snatch theft is more efficient than anyone. So, what should you do FIRST but not second when you get above situation?

Public Bank Credit Card

The first thing you should do is report your missing credit card to the bank issuer as soon as possible. Don’t wait until finish the police reporting process or even a minute. Just call the bank and ask to cancel it immediately.

Only after doing that, you can proceed to report police or complaining on facebook. Hehe.

Ok, for your convenient, here is the list of banks contact number.

NoBank Issuer Report Lost Card/
Contact Number
1Maybank Credit Card603-2072 1373
1-800 883231 (toll-free)
Maybank Credit Card Centre 1-300 88 6688
Maybankard Visa Gold 612-9235 0260
2CIMB Platinum Credit Cards 603-62047799
CIMB Gold & Classic Cards 603-62047788
3HongLeong Bank (HLB) Credit cards603-7626 8899
4Public Bank Credit Card603-2176 8555
5UOB Bank Credit Card603-26128121
6OCBC Bank Credit Card603-83175000
7CitiBank Credit CardKuala Lumpur: 03-2383 0000
Penang: 04 - 296 0000
Johor Bahru: 07 - 268 0000
Melaka: 06 - 852 0000
Kuantan: 09 - 509 0000
8Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card1300-888-888
603-7711 8888
9Visa Emergency Assistance Centre (VEAC)
toll-free numbers
1-800 802 997
10MasterCard Emergency Service
toll-free numbers
1-800 804 594
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