How to save petrol when driving? Tips Here

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Here are the tips to save petrol when driving.

Tips 1: Moderate your speed.

The speed higher, the fuel consumption higher. Driving at a moderate speed will always help with saving fuel. If you accelerate speedily, you are using more fuel.

Tips 2: Check tyre pressure.

Always check the tyre pressure. Tyre with lower pressure will have more rolling resistance resulting in increased fuel consumption. So, check it monthly.

Tips 3: Clean your car.

Remove excess weight (boxes, magazines, cloth, begs or anything) from your car that you do not require. Added load in the car will increase fuel consumption.

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fuel subsidy cut


Tips 4: Fill up at night.

Believe it or not, pumps deliver more gas when temperatures are lower.

Tips 5: Don’t pump full tank

When you top off your tank, the pump doesn’t have enough time to really activate, resulting in short bursts of fuel that may short change you from the amount of gas that you are purchasing.

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