How to Buy From Lazada and Get Cash Back

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Shopback is a cash back site, as long as we buy things online or shop online, we can get a cash rebate (cashback) or coupon (Voucher). Once we enter the home page, we will see a lot of well-known online stores, including: Lazada, Groupon,,, and many more.

It’s free to sign up and if we sign up now, we can get RM 5.

Shopback Official: Shopback Offical
Shopback Sign Up: Shopback Sign Up

For example, LiangLiang buy RM 94.90 in Lazada baby diapers (Drypers) can get RM 8.49 cash rebate, almost 9% cash rebate. Plus registered as members have RM 5, and immediately there is RM 13.49. Of course, we can buy other things or top up prepaid card like Digi, Maxis, Celcom.

shopback cashback

Buy things From Lazada using Shopback Step By Step

1. Register/ Sign Up or Login: Shopback Sign Up

Shopback Lazada

2. Click any merchant or online stores. I will go for Lazada, buy drypers for my baby. Here is the details about the cashback which up to 12%. Click “Shop Now”.

Shopback Lazada

3. Wait for a moment. Don’t close this else we will lost the connection and won’t get cash back.

Shopback Lazada

4. Now, it will be redirect us to online stores website. Shop as usual and add the item to cart.

Shopback Lazada

5. Add the item to cart. Pay and done.

Shopback Lazada

BTW, if you are using Drypers, you can collect Drypers Point on the inner side of the pack.

Drypers Point

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