KWSP Nomination 公积金会员如何列明受益人?

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公积金局 (KWSP or EPF Malaysia) 提醒所有打工会员填写公积金受益人的名字 (Penamaan/ Nomination),以免工人离世后家人的权益不受保障。


3 个方法填写受益人:

  • 打工会员只需上网填写公积金表格 (Borang Web Penamaan)
    Borang Web Penamaan: Borang Web Penamaan
  • 通过公积金局网站下载
    Borang KWSP 4 PDF Download Link: Borang KWSP 4
  • 到附近的分局索取 Borang KWSP 4


Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja
Beg Berkunci No. 220
Jalan Sultan,
46720 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Telefon: 03-8922 6000

Nomination Documents:

Nomination Form (KWSP4)
A copy of Identification Card / MyKad / Army Identification Card
A copy of Identification document for each nominee*

如果没有事先立好受益人姓名,打工会员的至亲必须呈上各种文件,如行政信、遗嘱证明书、财产分配条规等,才能索取已过世会员遗留下的公积金存款。截至目前,在1240万名公积金会员中,只有 23% 的会员已立好受益人名字。想知道公积金历年的利息吗? 请阅读这里.

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“Have you ever wondered how your family would cope financially if something tragic were to happen to you? Would they manage on their own? By planning ahead, you can protect them from unnecessary suffering. Just nominate your next-of-kin to be your EPF beneficiary and this will offer some form of financial protection to your family, should death suddenly occur.”- EPF

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