TM 不再邮寄账单,用户可通过5种方法获取账单

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很多人都发现没有收到9月的 Streamyx / Unifi账单,为什么呢? 其实马电讯 (TM) 已经从2018年9月起不再邮寄纸张账单 (Printed bill) 给用户!你就不要再傻傻等着TM的纸张账单啦,赶快使用以下5个方法查询每月账单。

第一种方法最容易,就是拨打 100 号查询账单。

第二种方法是 TM 每月将会透过手机简讯发送账单通知给你。


第四种方法是,登记及浏览 TM unifi 官方网站: 查询账单。

TM ebill Register

TM ebill

第五种方法是透过 care@unifi APP 查询每月账单。
Android 手机下载网址: care@unifi
Apple IOS 手机下载网址: care@unifi

Care Unifi App

因此,各位 TM 用户需要更新联系资料,如电邮地址和电话号码。TM 将会在账单结帐日的7天内发出电子账单给用户。 此外,TM 用户也可下载 care@unifi APP 查询账单,而且还能缴付账单。如果你对 unifi 有任何意见或投诉,你都可以直接透过手机应用程序提出投诉。

想上网申请 TM Unifi 网络配套:

点击: Apply Unifi From RM89 (30Mbps)

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12 comments on “TM 不再邮寄账单,用户可通过5种方法获取账单

  1. NG CHIN YEE 26-06-2021 [ Reply ]

    Please help me to sms i need statement (urgent) thanks

    • MisterLeaf 27-06-2021 [ Reply ]

      Call 100 and ask the statement

  2. Ng chin yee 26-06-2021 [ Reply ]

    Please urgent I not received unifi bill statement

  3. WONG KIM SHIN 08-12-2020 [ Reply ]

    Good morning, i received email said my company account no.
    You have reached 80% of your credit limit


    No. Akaun: 1045687041

    No. Servis: corazakulim@unifibiz

    Caj Semasa: RM 360.00
    Had Kredit: RM 417.00

    Please email me([email protected]) the bill amount RM 360 for payment purpose.
    Thanks & Regards,

  4. cheng bee chien 27-06-2020 [ Reply ]

    how can I have my 2019 unifi statement for tax release purpose use?

  5. yee kee fan 23-06-2020 [ Reply ]

    Since been announced by government that streamix old customer will only charged RM69 a month on September 2019. However, it doesn’t fair to me that I still continuously have to pay Rm72.10 from last September until this May 2020. I haven’t made my payment this month.

  6. NG GIM CHENG 23-06-2020 [ Reply ]

    How I can print out my statement

  7. cheongwenchi 02-05-2020 [ Reply ]


  8. liew yan lu 25-02-2020 [ Reply ]

    hwo i print my unifi stament ? can u teach me/

  9. Tang Annie 03-01-2020 [ Reply ]

    tm bil

  10. Lim Wee Fan 10-12-2018 [ Reply ]

    It is very nice

    • CHERN TEIK LEONG 14-09-2019 [ Reply ]


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