How to start Gold Investment in Malaysia

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Basically, gold investment is divided into two main types, physical gold and paper gold.

Physical gold (Real Gold) investment means that investor buy real gold bar or gold coins (Gold Dinar) from Jeweler shop, Gold Distributor or bank. There are three categories of investment precious gold bullion. They are in form of bars, coins and collectibles or limited edition.

Invest Gold


Generally, most common and recognized gold bullion or gold bar includes:

  • PAMP Suisse gold bar
  • Public Gold (NOT related to Public Bank)
  • Poh Kong Bunga Raya Gold Bar
  • Maybank Kijang Emas Gold Bullion Coin
  • UOB’s Gold Coins

Paper Gold (Gold Investment Account) investment means investor no need to buy or keep the real gold bullion or gold bar, but just get a passbook like Saving Accounts.

Maybank GSPA

Currently, there are many local and overseas banks provide Gold Investment Account includes:

  • Maybank Gold Investment Account (MGIA)
  • Public Bank Gold Account (GIA)
  • CIMB Bank Gold Deposit Account (GDA)
  • UOB Premier Gold Account (PGA)
  • UOB Gold Savings Account (GSA)

We can buy and sell gold using internet banking like Maybank Gold Investment Account (MGIA) online via

Gold Account Camparison:

AccountCIMB BankMaybankPublic BankUOB
Min Initial Deposit1 gram1 gram5 grams20 grams
Min Subsequent
1 gram &
multiple of 1 gram
in multiple of 1 gram1 grams &
multiple of 1 gram
Minimum 5 grams
Min Balance1 gram1 gram2 grams10 grams
Cash WithdrawalYesYesYesYes
Physical Gold
Online Gold TradingYesYesYesYes
Annual FeesRM5 if year end balance <5 gramsUnknownRM10 if year end balance <10 gramsUnknown
Bank SellingRM274.60RM271.99RM273.28RM270.10
Bank BuyingRM260.00RM261.54RM262.72RM266.00
Price Spread
per gram*
RM14.60 (5.62%)RM10.45 (4%)RM10.56 (4%)RM4.10 (1.54%)
Selling Buying PricesCIMBMaybankPublic BankUOB
WebsiteCIMB Bank WebMaybank WebsitePublic Bank WebUOB Website

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4 comments on “How to start Gold Investment in Malaysia

  1. Anil Ramachandren 30-06-2020 [ Reply ]

    Hi, just wondering how to sell my gold safely on the public market – the Gold Selling Companies are taking a big cut of 7-10%, therefore more worthwhile to sell at market price

  2. Radzuan 24-05-2017 [ Reply ]

    PBB for withdrawal of physical gold from paper gold they stopped already since 2016.

    • MisterLeaf 29-05-2017 [ Reply ]

      Thanks you Radzuan. BTW, CIMB customer can withdraw physical gold at CIMB Kuala Lumpur Main Branch, 11 Jalan Raja Laut, 50350 Kuala Lumpur.

  3. Kimz 20-09-2016 [ Reply ]

    Dear mister leaf , I’m a newbie of investing gold . Hope to hv some of ur expertise advice on paper gold investment . Is it good timing step to the field nw ? Which bank is better as all r come with a lot of fee charges except Kuwait finance house but I’m not so confident with this bank as not much seeing on Penang .

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