Pay UOB credit card via CIMB Clicks step by step

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Most of my friends don’t apply UOB One Credit Card because most of their place don’t have UOB branch. They don’t know how to pay the credit card bill after using the UOB One Card. Actually, it’s not a big deal in paying bill. We CAN pay our bill by using any banks’ Internet banking, like Maybank2u or CIMB Clicks.

Today, I will show you how to pay the bill online via CIMB step by step.

1. Login to your CIMB Clicks, click on Transfers > Transfer Funds > To Other Banks > Interbank GIRO

2. Click on Beneficiary Bank and choose United Oversea Bank (UOB)

pay uob via cimb

3. You are requiring fulfilling the Transfer Funds to Other Bank (Interbank GIRO), then summit.

pay uob via cimb

4. Confirmation: Click “Click here” then the TAC will send to your hand phone.

pay uob via cimb

5. Confirmation again: You have to answer a security question to proceed with your transaction.Acknowledgement: Click on OK. And success.

pay uob via cimb

The charge of IBG is RM0.50 for the first two transactions of the month, and the subsequent transaction is RM1.00.

Update: Effective 2 May 2013, the Interbank GIRO (IBG) transfer charge is reduced to only RM 0.10.

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27 comments on “Pay UOB credit card via CIMB Clicks step by step

  1. KC 11-04-2018 [ Reply ]

    Hi, the account no. is the number on the credit card right?

    • MisterLeaf 12-04-2018 [ Reply ]

      Yes, the account number is the number on the credit card.

  2. Hakim 10-04-2018 [ Reply ]

    Does this steps still applicable for new cimbclick?

  3. azrin 10-02-2018 [ Reply ]

    how to pay other bank credit card using cimb credit card also

    • MisterLeaf 17-02-2018 [ Reply ]

      We can’t pay other bank credit card using cimb credit card, however we can transfer other bank credit card balance to cimb bank credit card with certain terms. Please refer to the nearest branch to know more.

  4. azlin 09-01-2018 [ Reply ]

    hi…it’s applicable for paying BSN credit card from CIMB click also?

  5. Mira M. 04-01-2018 [ Reply ]

    Lifesaver. THANK YOU.

  6. John Chew 30-11-2015 [ Reply ]

    Hi MisterLeaf. Your last update was on 2012. Want to ask is it still applicable today? I mean the steps.

  7. Kaylee 08-12-2014 [ Reply ]

    Beneficiary Name is Name on Credit Card ?

  8. mickey 01-11-2014 [ Reply ]

    After transfer, how do i know the money is already transfer to the account?

  9. wnn 27-06-2014 [ Reply ]

    Can i actually use cimb click out of malaysia to pay my malaysia credit card bills?

    • MisterLeaf 01-07-2014 [ Reply ]

      I think it should be no problem 🙂

  10. CK 30-03-2014 [ Reply ]

    Why IBG transfer charged RM0.50? Isn;t Bank Negara already fixed that IBG transfer only can charged RM0.10?

    Beside, During transfer, the Account Number is Credit Card Number and Baneficiary Name is Name on card ot Credit Card holder real name?

  11. Angel Bridget 16-02-2014 [ Reply ]

    Hi I’ve a question here. I need to pay my city bank credit card. I did follow your instructions guidelines which on the other IBG Account but I couldn’t select my city bank .

    • MisterLeaf 16-02-2014 [ Reply ]

      Do you mean the Citibank not in the list?

  12. adeline 29-11-2013 [ Reply ]

    hi, why is the payment type not “credit card’ but it’s ”fund transfer”?

    • MisterLeaf 30-11-2013 [ Reply ]

      The credit card option is refer to CIMB bank’s credit card, however the fund transfer option to be chosen if we pay other bank’s credit card using CIMB Clicks.

      • razif 07-10-2015 [ Reply ]

        i was accidentally choose “credit card” for the payment type option. But i dont have any CIMB credit card. The sum amount already deducted from my savings account. So how? Just wait or need to call the bank?

        • azlin 09-01-2018 [ Reply ]

          hello there? May I know does your transaction approved/succeeded?

          thank you.

  13. Joyce 10-09-2013 [ Reply ]

    Hi i wanna ask on the payment type…is it not credit card?

    • MisterLeaf 26-09-2013 [ Reply ]

      Payment type is “Fund Transfer” as you transfer your CIMB bank’s money to the UOB Bank credit’s account.

  14. rockson 01-08-2013 [ Reply ]

    may i know how long would it takes for the transaction to complete?

  15. patrickthissen 21-01-2013 [ Reply ]

    Hi, abt beneficiary account is it the 16 digits number on the credit card??

    Beneficiary name is credit card name holder??


    • Mister Leaf 21-01-2013 [ Reply ]

      yes, credit card account number is the 16 digits numbers.

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