How to switch from Celcom to Maxis but keep old mobile number

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I have done some research, I found 2 ways to switch your Celcom number to Maxis.

Method 1: Visit to Maxis Centre

1. Visit any Maxis Centre or selected Maxis Authorised Dealer to make a switch request.
2. Fill in a Service Registration Form and provide the following documents:

  • Individual or consumer ports: Your MyKad, Army ID (if you are in the armed forces), passport or old I.C.
  • Business ports: A letter of authorisation from your company which includes your name, business registration number, and account number with your current mobile service provider.
  • Postpaid customers from other operators: A current postpaid bill with no outstanding payments.

3.  Wait for an SMS instruction to swap out your old SIM card for your new Maxis SIM card.

4.  By the time you insert your new Maxis SIM card into your mobile phone, your number will have already been activated with Maxis (However, you may experience a 1-hour service interruption).

Method 2: Switch Online

Just simply fulfill a form from Maxis Website.
They will contact you with more information and assistance.

Here are the reasons to switch to Maxis.

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15 comments on “How to switch from Celcom to Maxis but keep old mobile number

  1. Akron Elung 05-09-2019 [ Reply ]

    How do i change my maxis nomber to celcome. If the number Have not been registered to any plans internet…

  2. esd 14-04-2019 [ Reply ]

    how long it takes time to be processed?

  3. Huda 10-12-2018 [ Reply ]

    How long it takes to notify me that the change from celcom postpaid to prepaid maxis hotlink successful?

  4. wana 04-10-2018 [ Reply ]

    berapa lama masa ambil nak dapat sms if tukar celcom ke maxis ? ..

  5. Johnny 11-04-2018 [ Reply ]

    im a celcom subline under my father’s name. now i want to port out from celcom’s subline, to maxis subline which is under my aunt’s name. is that possible?

  6. Chika 04-04-2018 [ Reply ]

    How long usually has to takes for celcom switching network to maxis? Like after u got the msgs and notify u that u that is in processed…how it does it takes to change the service?

  7. Irene 12-03-2018 [ Reply ]

    I want to switch from celcom to hotlink . Then how much it will cost me ?

  8. amrina 10-01-2018 [ Reply ]

    Hi my simcard celcom is block can i switch to maxis without active a simcard celcom

    • MisterLeaf 10-01-2018 [ Reply ]

      Why your sim card is blocked?

  9. Anis 19-03-2017 [ Reply ]

    Hi sy baru tukar ke another telco..brapa lama utk sy tukar kembali utk ke maxis.. service telco lain tak boleh harap..

  10. JEANIFER DAVID 09-09-2016 [ Reply ]

    Kalau no celcom itu bukan atas nama saya tetapi saya ingin menukar plan ke prepaid maxis dengan menggunakan nama saya, dapatkah?

  11. Amberly 04-02-2016 [ Reply ]

    Hi. I just want to switch my Celcom number (Prepaid) to Maxis hotlink prepaid but i want to keep my old mobile number. Can i just done it direct through online registration? And is there any charges will be charged upon the registration? thank you.

  12. suraya 08-03-2015 [ Reply ]

    How to switch tunetalk prepaid to maxis prepaid?

  13. Mario 23-06-2014 [ Reply ]

    Hi, I am planning to switch from my Celcom Postpaid to Maxis Hotlink Prepaid, can that be done? Do I have to go to the Maxis centre or i can go to the Hotlink dealer outlet?


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