How to apply BHP Petrol ecard ?

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My family members like to pump petrol at BHP petrol station and use ecard to collect the point.

At BHP Malaysia, We earn 1 ePoint with every RM 1 spent which mean we get 50 ePoints when we was spending RM 50 in BHP station. Remember to pass the ecard to the shopkeeper before we pay.

Accumulated the 550 BHP Petrol ePoints can exchange for RM 5.00 or RM10 worth of fuel for every 950 ePoints.

BHP ecard MisterLeaf

If we compare with Petronas and Shell petrol station, we will find that we can only get 1 point for every litre we spent there. With RM 50, we might only get 24 litre plus or 24 points. (Currently, the RON95 price is RM 2.1/litre)

Below is the table about Petrol Station Reward System in Malaysia.

BHP eCardPetronas Mesra CardShell Bonus Link Card
BHP ecard MalaysiaPetronas Mesra card MalaysiaShell bonuslink card
1 litre = 1 point1 litre = 1 point1 litre = 1 point
550 point get RM 5
950 point get RM 10
500 point get RM 5
1000 point get RM 10
500 point get RM 5
1000 point get RM 10

How to apply the BHPetrolecard:

BHPetrol ecard application form

1. Get the application form from the BHPetrol station.

2. Submit it to the nearest BHPetrol station or Fax to 03-7841 6611

3. If you prefer internet services, scan and email the copy to [email protected]

4. If you like to support Post Office Malaysia, you can post to:

BHPetrol eCard Customer Service Centre,
P.O. Box 11081,
50990 Kuala Lumpur.

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15 comments on “How to apply BHP Petrol ecard ?

  1. WONG BOON WE 14-06-2021 [ Reply ]

    我的Ecard不见了 要怎么申请回呢?

  2. sivakumar a/lperumal 10-07-2019 [ Reply ]

    two geter out rate low 1liter gas rm 12kg 10ringgit/sen 40

  3. SMILE 04-11-2013 [ Reply ]

    still smile card better.

    • MisterLeaf 12-11-2013 [ Reply ]

      Why Smile Card is better? Please advice.

  4. Mr Soon 19-10-2013 [ Reply ]

    Hi, I’m consider myself as heavy car user. May I know which petrol is the best fuel comsumption for highway user?

    • MisterLeaf 19-10-2013 [ Reply ]

      What’s your car model? And how much you spend on petrol every month.

  5. sock peng 26-10-2012 [ Reply ]

    我们使用BHP一段时间了, 当然有使用这张卡来累计分数
    最近的促销是可以前往Tesco 换取固本,
    可是偏偏去到Tesco 已经换完了!

    • Mister Leaf 27-10-2012 [ Reply ]

      如果你有 UOB One Card 信用卡,会得到 7% 的 cash rebate

  6. kui 21-10-2012 [ Reply ]

    i use esso, but i forgot the actual rebate liao

    • Mister Leaf 21-10-2012 [ Reply ]

      Esso/ Mobile is another good choice for pumping petrol. Actual rebate is more than 1% if I’m not mistaken.

      • Smart Dad 22-10-2012 [ Reply ]

        Esso/Mobil has the highest rebate, 1.5%. If you combine with Maybankard 2 AMEX, you can get up to 9% rebate!

        • Mister Leaf 22-10-2012 [ Reply ]

          Yeah, thanks for add comment. But I thought Esso already change to Petron, isn’t it? The rebate still same?

          • Smart Dad 24-10-2012

            Mother company changed but the petrol station name still the same. Rebate all still same.

          • Mister Leaf 24-10-2012

            You mean there are no “Petron” station? Still old name “Esso/ Mobil”?

          • Smart Dad 24-10-2012

            Yes, still Esso or Mobil.

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