How to check saman (summons) via Android phone apps

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The government has implemented The Automated Enforcement System (AES) at some black spots areas in Malaysia. Here are the methods to check AES summons for android phone and tablet (galaxy tab) users.

1. SMS method: 

If we have a mobile phone, then it’s easy to check our AES summon status Via SMS 15888. What we need to do is type POLIS SAMAN [plate no/ id no] and SMS send to 15888.

For each SMS we send, we will be charged RM 0.15, and for each SMS received, we will be charged RM 0.20.

2. Android phone method:

However, if we have Smartphone like Android mobile phone, then we can download free apps which created by Maxsim from Google Play Android market. Download here: Malaysia Police Summons

Type your ID (Kad Pengenalan), type the text below and click check.

The screen will show the AES summons if our ID or car plate number in the database.

android phone check saman

We can view the summons details and photo.

Android phone check saman polis

3. Rilek or JPJ Official Website: 

For Android tablet or computer laptop user, the best way is going to Rilek e-Services Web Portal or JPJ Official Website to get the latest AES summons status. Check here:

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