5 Steps to book Air Asia Tune Hotel online

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My friends and I were planning to Bangkok. We booked flights ticket early and it’s only costing about RM350 for a two way ticket. Thanks AirAsia.com for make “everyone can fly”! After we plan our travel route, is time for us to book a tune hotel.

We all are fresh graduate, do not have much money. We are just looking for a clean and comfortable hotel. So, Tune Hotels is the best choice for us.

MisterLeaf and I were staying in Penang Downtown Tune Hotel before, and we were very satisfied with the hotel. Here, I’m going to share about how to booking Tune Hotels on line.

First, visit to TuneHotels.com and find Hotels and Rates.

TuneHotel Booking

1. Select Room: specify your room requirements. We can choose double room, twin room and single room.

online booking tune hotels

2. Room Occupant: specify the number of occupants in each room.

3. Add on Purchases: Select your add on purchases. My suggestion is, HOLD ON, add on only when you are stay in Hotel. We can add on “air conditioning, towel and many more” any time at reception counter.

online booking tune hotels

4. Login in: If you have registered before select “Login”, if you haven’t registered before select “Register”.

online booking tune hotels

5. Payment: You can pay by PayPal, Alipay or Credit Card.

After that, just fill in some personal information then DONE.

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