4 Broadband by TM Streamyx, TM UniFi, Maxis Fibre, Time Fibre [Comparison]

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Recently, Suruhanjaya Komunikasi Dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM) release a media statement on lower broadband price. Four major telcos including Telekom Malaysia (TM), Maxis, Celcom, and TIME have started offering broadband internet plans with prices below RM100. However, TM 30Mbps plan does have a 60GB quota whereas the others do not.

Telekom Malaysia (TM) offering a 30Mbps plan for RM79 per month. Celcom offering a 40Mbps PLAN for RM80 per month. Maxis offering a 30Mbps plan for RM89 per month. Time offering a 100Mbps plan for RM89 per month.

Pakej TelcoSebelum MSAPSelepas MSAP
TM - 30MbpsRM139RM79
Celcom - 40MbpsRM180RM80
Maxis - 30MbpsRM139RM89
Time - 100MbpsRM149RM89

*Standard Mandatori Mengenai Harga Capaian (MSAP)

These telcos are offering a very attractive price but not everyone in Malaysia can apply and enjoy the plans because some areas of maybe more than 70% area in Malaysia aren’t covered by fibre internet. Most of the Streamyx / Unifi Broadband users are paying RM110 for 1Mbps speed or RM160 per month for 8Mbps speed.

Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of Communications and Multimedia promise will looking forward the issue.

Gobind Singh FB

Walaupun begitu, saya dapati bahawa pakej-pakej ini tidak menurunkan harga perkhidmatan kepada pelanggan yang sedia ada. Ini bermaksud bahawa mereka tidak dapat menikmati manfaat daripada pakej-pakej baru ini dengan serta-merta.

Selain daripada itu, saya dapati bahawa tiada cadangan dibawa untuk mengatasi masalah pengguna perkhidmatan Streamyx yang kepada saya perlu ditangani dengan kadar segera.

Saya akan bertemu dengan wakil-wakil telco untuk bincangkan perkara ini dalam masa terdekat.”– Gobind Singh Deo, Menteri Kommunikasi dan Multimedia.

Below is the complete list of Fibre and ADSL broadband Malaysia for residence or home users.

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Package NameFee (RM)Speed (Mbps)
Maxis Home Fibre 30RM8910
Maxis Home Fibre 100RM129100
TM Streamyx ADSL 1 MbpsRM1101
TM Streamyx ADSL 2 MbpsRM1302
TM Streamyx ADSL 4 MbpsRM1404
TM Streamyx ADSL 8 MbpsRM1608
TM Unifi 30MbpsRM7930
TM Unifi 100MbpsRM129100
TIME Fibre 500Mbps Home BroadbandRM139500
TIME Fibre 1Gbps Home BroadbandRM1991000
Celcom Home Fibre Gold 40MbpsRM8040
Celcom Home Fibre Gold Supreme 100MbpsRM120100
TIME Fibre 100 Mbps Home Broadband
TIME Fibre 300 Mbps Home Broadband
TM UniFi VIP 5 Mbps
TM UniFi VIP 10 Mbps
TM UniFi VIP 20 Mbps
Time Broadband ADSL 2 Mbps
Time Broadband ADSL 6 Mbps
Time Broadband ADSL 12 Mbps
Time Fibre Broadband 8 Mbps
Time Fibre Broadband 15 Mbps
Time Fibre Broadband 30 Mbps
Time Fibre Broadband 50 Mbps
Time Fibre Broadband 100 Mbps

18 comments on “4 Broadband by TM Streamyx, TM UniFi, Maxis Fibre, Time Fibre [Comparison]

  1. Is time a good internet service provider?

  2. Want maxis , unifi or time internet? Ws me 013-2120101. Ill help you right away.

  3. Chen Kwai Keong [ Reply ]

    What progress or improvement to area without unifi coverage. Feel so disappointing knowing so many areas with unifi coverage. Paying RM140 +++ for 8Mb speed compared to unifi under same amount for 100Mbps. Can SKMM assist ???

  4. Geronimo [ Reply ]

    TIME Fibre is crap with flunctuating download speeds and very high ping if you connect to overseas servers, especially for gaming!!

    And I’m staying in central KL.

    Nobody ever reaches 100Mbps, more like 5Mbps generally.

    wtf TIME

  5. Hi all, of course price is important….but if service no good, cheap also no use. so, appreciate u guys could share which broadband provider is actually deliver in term of speed! heard people said unifi $129 – 100 mbps speed but only get half of it? is it true? what about the new lower price packages?

  6. Yeah. MXXXX doesn’t honor their authorised dealer promoncausing delay in my broadband installation by 3 months, then gave a so-called FOC pocket WiFi for one month while waiting for installation, then accused me for not paying for the pocket WiFi, leaked out my Personal Data to debt collector over this “free pocket WiFi”, broke my living ceiling during broadband installation one week before CNY 2017. After 18months, MXXXX still wants to negotiate about repairing the damages, arguing about their Return of Investment (as if our house is not worthy) and offer measly compensation. Best part, offer compensation but Cust Care staff will add conditions to it……… clearly not sincere and money digging only. 18 months I’ve been paying rm139+6% GST for 10Mbps despite all the shit I’ve been through, just because I’m waiting for them to get back to us on the repair. But now I’m sick of their insulting T&C that comes with this so-called measly compensation offer……… will terminate this account prematurely. Reporting their bullying act to SKMM and PDPA so that other consumers won’t suffer the same unjust treatment and abuse.

  7. joseph [ Reply ]

    the price is very low with this kind of speed,much more worth than other company

    • duan yu [ Reply ]

      exactly, and if you are planning to switch from other internet, you can get subsidy RM500 for the penalty charges, no need worry the penalty.

  8. duan yu [ Reply ]

    they have 3 package now 100Mbps RM149, 300Mbps RM229, 300Mbps RM299. the price of course is lower, because they increase the speed

  9. duan yu [ Reply ]

    TIME is not a new internet, is only they doing a lot of advertisement and they upgarding their old package, more people sign up their package.

    • joseph [ Reply ]

      what is the new package now?lower price? or higher?

  10. there are improvement on this 3 company now,the package is much more better and of course the price is different.

    • what’s the different between new package and old package? planning to switch to other internet, frustrated with my poor connection.

      • TIME upgrade the old package to higher speed package, and all the new package is unlimited quota.

        • sounds good, some more the price is attractive also, will discuss with my family.

  11. joseph [ Reply ]

    just saw this post, just realised that TIME is an old internet. i thought is a new internet

  12. 这一集的风采看到mister leaf哦。。。

    tm Streamyx 稳定


    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      哈哈。Helen, 谢谢支持。MisterLeaf 偶尔会在《风采》写稿,所以想看到 MisterLeaf 的中文理财文章,可以购买《风采》阅读。

      其实,我个人比较喜欢 UNIFI,但是UNIFI 并不是每个地区都有。

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