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Hello, I’m LiangLiang. I started my first investment in gold when I was in the first year working.

Previously, I always use to check and view the gold rate, this web site provide a clearly chart so that we can see the gold price trend easily.

After a period of time, I found that CIMB Clicks also provide this similar chart. In fact, the CIMB Clicks gold chart is suitable for Malaysia gold investor because it’s an official Malaysia’s bank web site.

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Here, I’m going to share about how to view CIMB gold price chart.

First, login to

Then, click on My Investments > Gold Investment Account> Gold Calculator.

CIMB Gold Trend 1

CIMB Gold Trend 2

After that, you can find “Gold Price Chart”, just click on it.

CIMB Gold Trend 3

Finally, a gold price chart is shown. We can view the gold price daily, weekly and monthly.

CIMB Gold Trend 4

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1 comment on “Check Gold Price Daily via CIMB Clicks

  1. CK Ng 28-08-2013 [ Reply ]

    Hi Liang Liang , may i know do you have experience buying gold with cimb clicks ?how does its work?

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