DBKL Parking Summon and Compounds Discount

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UPDATE Dec 2017: The Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) is offering a discount for outstanding summon or compounds. The offer will be available from 15 December 2017 to 28 February 2018, with RM20 for motorcycles, RM30 for cars and RM50 for heavy vehicles such as lorries and buses.

We can check the notice of compounds via DBKL official website.

UPDATE Feb 2014: The Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) is offering a discount of RM 30 for those who settle their DBKL compound for traffic offences in conjunction with this year’s Federal Territories’ Day from February 1 to March 8.

My family member just received a summon or compound from DBKL (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur) recently.

Since it’s not a Polis Summon or JPJ Summon, does he want to pay or just ignore the DBKL compound (Kompaun)?

DBKL Compaun Discount

Some people say that they’ve never paid the Local Council or DBKL summons because no action can be taken against them. But, I know the local government an take legal action against us if we are not paying that.

DBKL Saman Kompaun

DBKL and JPJ Road Tax

“If I don’t want to pay DBKL saman, can I renew my road tax?”

Previously the two systems are not linked so we are not barred from renewing the road tax. However, its not safe to ignore anymore nowadays , they are starting to link with JPJ to bar renewal of road tax.

DBKL Summon (Saman) Discount

If you want to pay the summon, you should know some history of DBKL Discount both years of 2012 and 2013.


In conjunction with Federal Territory Day on 1st February, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) will offer discounts for traffic offence compounds issued by DBKL. All traffic compounds issued by DBKL would be charged ONLY RM30 during the whole month of February.

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12 comments on “DBKL Parking Summon and Compounds Discount

  1. Mayya 13-04-2019 [ Reply ]

    I got parking compound 5 minutes after my parking ticket expired. Can I appeal the compound?

    • MisterLeaf 17-04-2019 [ Reply ]

      You can try to appeal. Never try never know.

  2. Bryan 22-11-2018 [ Reply ]

    I got 2 saman recently from DBKL (Nov 2018), and receive a letter from them. It stated if I’m not paying the saman within the period, have to go to the court. What if I ignore it?

    • MisterLeaf 24-11-2018 [ Reply ]

      You might go to the court

  3. Philip 20-12-2017 [ Reply ]

    I have a RM150.00 parking summon from DBKL today (Dec.,2017). Does the discount offer apply?

    • MisterLeaf 22-12-2017 [ Reply ]

      Mostly can get discount offer, pay the summon before Feb 2018.

  4. Emily Lim 14-11-2017 [ Reply ]

    Hi, is there any discount for DBKL parking summon available now?

  5. RichRicher 05-02-2015 [ Reply ]

    hi, so mean one DBKL summons only RM30 for all DBKL summons?

  6. YB 18-04-2014 [ Reply ]

    I just received a car park summon from DBKL. Fine to pay in 14 days is RM150. But the problem is they record my car plate number wrongly, does anyone here knows should I pay or don’t? Is there any discount for student? :((

    • MisterLeaf 22-04-2014 [ Reply ]

      You can try to appeal, I think DBKL might give some discount. Update me if you are success.

  7. kian 24-02-2014 [ Reply ]


    • MisterLeaf 24-02-2014 [ Reply ]

      请问你的罚单是 DBKL 出的还是 MPK 出的?

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