How to register and view TM e Bill Online?

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TM (Telekom Malaysia) will be charging RM5 for printed bill (paper bill or physical bill) effective on January 2016 and request user register for e-bill.

The introduction of the TM e-bill as the default billing come January 2016 is in line with the industry’s move towards a more digital lifestyle and as a step towards a greener and eco-friendly future. Whatever la they want said.

If you read the printed bill this few months (September to December) carefully, you will notice these sentence.

Langgani E-Bill secara PERCUMA hari ini. Bermula Januari 2016, bil bercetak akan dikenakan caj bulanan sebanyak RM5.Kemaskini alamat emel dan nombor telefon dengan menghantar permohonan ke [email protected] atau kunjungi TMpoint berdekatan atau hubungi 100.

Today, I will show you how to register MyTM account and TM E Bill to avoid paying RM 5 every month for getting the paper bill. We can help our old folks in rural or kampung area.

Step 1: Go to TM official website: and click “Register Now” if you yet register the MyTM account.

TMOnline Bill 1

Step 2: Fill in the First name, Last Name, Email and Password. Click “Next”.

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TMOnline Register step1

Step 3.  Fill in the ID Number and Phone number. Click “Submit”.

TMOnline Register Step 2

A small windows will pop up like below, showing that we have successfully registered as MyTM user.

TMOnline Register Step 3

Now, we can view our phone bill, streamyx bill or unifi bill anytime and anywhere, including previous bill (invoice).

TMOnline Register Step 4

Here is the example of my dad’s phone bill in rural area / kampung area.

TMOnline Register Step 5

TM clarified that Who do not have broadband service with TM will continue to receive the printed bill for free. Anyway, just registered as MyTM user as soon as possible.

Update Jan 2016: Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) is rescheduling the implementation of e-billing (e-Bill) as the default billing for its broadband (Streamyx and UniFi) customers from January 2016 to July 2016.

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  1. Tikaram [ Reply ]

    Can you sand to me my personal email my unifi bill.I want pay now.

  2. Tikaram [ Reply ]

    How to check my unifi bill?

  3. Theresa Chew [ Reply ]

    I have registered on the e-bill for The Framing Concept & Gallery Sdn Bhd but I did not receive the billing for 13 Nov.2017 bill. Kindly email me the bill for tel. 03 7729 4068.
    Thank you.

  4. Phang Hein Choon [ Reply ]

    E billing

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