Medical Card 医药卡价钱 (male)

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一般上,医药卡 (Medical Card) 是根据病房的价钱而分类,比方说某保险公司(Insurance Company)分成 6 类医药卡,即: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 及 350。如果我们签购 100 配套的医药卡可享有价值 RM 100 的医院病房及膳食费 (120 天)。

常年保费表 (Annual Premium Rates)

之前跟大家分享了《Medical Card 保险医药卡 benefits》后,大家大概知道医药卡提供的惠益 (benefits)。那么签购 100 配套的医药卡需要付多少钱的保费 (premium) 呢?

根据研究,保险公司包括: Great Eastern, AIA, Prudential 等等都把保费分成主要两个类别,男性 (male) 或女性 (female)。接下来,他们会根据年龄再次分类,我在以下准备了男性投保人保费表 (male medical card premium rate)。


6 岁以下的投保人是年纪越小,保费越贵,或许年纪越小,住医院 (hospital) 治疗的机会比较大。16岁 – 35 岁的投保人则享有最便宜的保费,这个年龄层的投保人已经健康成长,不会有太大的健康问题。


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5 comments on “Medical Card 医药卡价钱 (male)

  1. LIM 31-01-2015 [ Reply ]

    what is premium rate means?

  2. Bee 25-01-2013 [ Reply ]

    The figure in the table the payment for 1 month or 1 year?
    If i buy ECP 200, age range 16 -35. The table shows RM534. Means i need to pay RM534 every month?
    Btw, the table you show above is from which company?

    • Mister Leaf 25-01-2013 [ Reply ]

      The medical card fee is once a year, means you have to pay about RM 534 only for one year.

      Hmm, most of the Insurance Company have their own price table, but not much different.

  3. Hayley 14-09-2011 [ Reply ]

    Hi, wow, you have very informative blog!

    • Mister Leaf 15-09-2011 [ Reply ]

      Thanks, Hayley. Welcome to my blog.

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