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Update Jun 2015: NJOI currently offers 27 TV channels and 20 radio channels, including Malaysia’s First Free High Definition (HD Channel) Channel.

With RM 228 one-time payment, we can subscript this satellite TV service. Njoi is Malaysia’s first free satellite TV without contract and commitment. We will enjoy lifetime entertainment, learning and information at no additional charge.

Astro NJOI

Below are the TV channels offered in NJOI.

  • 100 – iNjoi
  • 101 – RTM TV1 (info-entertainment channel)
  • 102 – RTM TV2 (entertainment channel)
  • 103 – TV3 (channel towards mass Malaysian and Malay audiences)
  • 105 – Astro Prima (Malay channel for family audiences)
  • 106 – Astro Oasis (Islamic channel by Astro)
  • 107 – NTV7 (channel towards urban audiences)
  • 114 – TV Alhijrah (Islamic channel)
  • 118 – GO SHOP
  • 119 – TV9 (channel toward semi-urban and non-urban Malay audiences)
  • 135 – Astro MAYA (HD channel)
  • 180 – RTM TVi (RTM channel)
  • 201 – Astro Vaanavil (Tamil channel by Astro)
  • 203 – Makkal TV (Tamil channel from Tamil Nadu)
  • 300 – Astro Xi Yue HD
  • 301 – Astro AEC (Chinese channel)
  • 302 – iView (Astro Footage Preview)
  • 304 – Kah Lai Toi (Channel Chinese channel)
  • 321 – Celestial Classic Movies
  • 325 – Astro Xiao Tai Yang (Chinese channel for kids)
  • 334 – CCTV-4 (CCTV International channel)
  • 501 – Astro Awani (News channel in Malay)
  • 502 – BERNAMA (TV News channel in Malay as well as English, Mandarin and Tamil)
  • 601 – Astro Tutor TV (UPSR education channel)
  • 602 – Astro Tutor TV (PMR educational channel)
  • 603 – Astro Tutor TV (SPM education channel)
  • 708 – 8TV

For ex-customer, how to activate Astro decoder:


For new customer, how to subscribe NJOI (Astro):


Update Feb 2014:

If you are a ex-customers of Astro, you can subscribe to the NJOI (Astro) service for free from 1 February until 30 April 2014, with inactive Set Top Box (decoder).

For new customer, subscription this satellite TV service with 42 channels for only from RM 228 one-time payment. No contract. No commitment.

Update Jan 2013:

Hello, I just sign-up a free satellite TV, NJOI which from ASTRO Malaysia.

I paid RM 288 for the smart card, set-top box and Out-Door Unit (ODU) satellite dish. Besides this, I paid another RM 100 for installer. Totally cost me RM 388 for this one-time payment.

8 comments on “Free Astro (NJOI) with 27 TV Channels

  1. Can we subscribe Nat Geo channels via Njoi

  2. Camellia Lua [ Reply ]


    My Camellia, previously I was Astro’s customer and than switch to NJOY but not really actively use it. Currently I like to install back for NJOY but I on it the decoder, it’s show no services, probably the smart card got problem, how do I solve it? Can I just get a replacement of smart card cause set-top box(Astro) and Out-Door Unit (ODU) satellite dish still remain at my unit.

    • MisterLeaf [ Reply ]

      You can SMS “ASTRO RCO XXXX XXXX XXXX” to 66688 for reset your NJOI. The XXXX XXXX XXXX is your smart card number. Try.

  3. I want it too,pls call me..01132503161

  4. Vera yap [ Reply ]

    Hi, I would like to know whether we get Bloomberg , cnn , opus channel?

    • MisterLeaf [ Reply ]

      Sorry, Astro NJOI didn’t provide Bloomberg or CNN channel currently.

  5. woon lee keun [ Reply ]

    May I know how to subscribe ? pls contact me 016-2458862 TQ

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