How to view TNB electricity bill online?

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Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) set up a E-Services or myTNB Portal for their TNB customers recently. As the customers of TNB, we can view our latest and past TNB electricity billing information on line and track our monthly electricity consumption.

Besides these, we can view the detailed information about our TNB account and pay the electricity bills online. Currently, Maybank offers payment services via E-Services (via savings and current account). Anyway, we can pay TNB bill using credit card online.

Sign-Up / Register myTNB Portal

To enjoy the convenience, we just sign-up TNB E-Services or myTNB Portal, click “Register Now” on the E-Services main page and follow the step like below. Just few EASY steps.

TNB E-Services or myTNB website:

However, if you are user of the myTNB Mobile App, TNB e-Services, or TNB e-Application sites. You can login using your registered email address.

Otherwise, we have to key in the name, identification number, mobile number, email, password and some details to complete the registration form like below. A One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to the user’s mobile number. Enter the 6-digit code and click “Confirm” to proceed.

A welcome email will be sent to our mailbox. To activate our account, we have to click the link in that email.

After this, we have to login to myTNB Portal using the registered email address and password and create the electricity account. Select premise ownership type.

Key in the electricity account number, owner identification number and account nickname.

We can view our account information including the bill history and reading history online like below.


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50 comments on “How to view TNB electricity bill online?

  1. azilah 25-08-2020 [ Reply ]

    Try with TNB mobile aps, registered, forgot password, get OTP, proceed, received temporary password, enter temporary password, message ‘user has not activated’. Call helpdesk.. cannot help, asked to email the screen shot.
    Not sure to proceed anymore.

  2. Yap 22-07-2020 [ Reply ]

    Hi, how do i check my previous bill from TNB portal. It only shows the latest bill.

  3. Iris 20-07-2020 [ Reply ]

    Hi, we not in Malaysia and forgot 12 digit account number. Please advise any other way to check as we would like to make payment. Thank you.

  4. yuki 20-07-2020 [ Reply ]

    i just pay by last week. why suddenoy cut my electrik?

    • MisterLeaf 20-07-2020 [ Reply ]

      You can try contact TNB 1300-88-5454

  5. Malik 09-07-2020 [ Reply ]

    How To Print My Electric Bill from my account?

  6. Sky Sim 30-05-2020 [ Reply ]

    need help…
    currently stuck at SG due to MCO in Msia and CB in SG…wanted to pay tnb bill and logged in to app but don’t hv account number for it and not able to hv for now due to the covid-19… got any other method for me to check my bill? many thks in advance

    • MisterLeaf 30-05-2020 [ Reply ]

      You try to get your TNB bill account number and register online. Check your previous bill. Ask your friends or family to help.

  7. FaQeR 24-05-2020 [ Reply ]

    *request OTP, key in OTP, Invalid OTP.
    *change browser, Request OTP, key in OTP, Invalid OTP
    sigh… can’t even proceed.
    Press anything it will prompt me back to update mobile number, end up Invalid OTP…

  8. Sabariah binti othman 07-05-2020 [ Reply ]

    Saya sabariah bt osman
    Nak check bil bulan 4 .2020

  9. James 01-05-2020 [ Reply ]

    Why every time want to add account cannot.? Error message ” invalid account number” key in 12 digit number also like that got error.

  10. Virginia 27-02-2020 [ Reply ]

    I have a registered account created for a long time. During recent login, I was asked to provide a mobile number. I am not living in Malaysia but have a apartment there for vacation only and I do not have a Malaysia mobile number . Kindly advise how I can login to my account to view the bill without a Malaysia mobile number.

    Looking forward to your reply

  11. TAI KUANG TEE 16-11-2019 [ Reply ]


  12. Tan SE 19-10-2019 [ Reply ]

    I received a sms indicating that my account 2207110693xx amt RM29.55 is overdue. Pls pay….
    Etc. May i know how do i check the acct no or contact tnb regarding this message?

    • MisterLeaf 29-10-2019 [ Reply ]

      The account number is 12-digit number which state on the electricity bill. Check your bill.

  13. William 27-05-2019 [ Reply ]

    Any telephone no. or email I can contact to find out what is the account number for my apartment? Fyi, I downloaded the myTNB mobile app but have not idea what is the account number for the apartment.

    • MisterLeaf 28-05-2019 [ Reply ]

      Check your bill. The Account number stated in the bill.

  14. Saion 27-05-2019 [ Reply ]

    Hi.. do you know how to change email address in mytnb apps?

  15. Muhamad Iqmal Haiqal 11-12-2018 [ Reply ]

    Macam mana saya nak tengok jumlah bill elektrik untuk bulan 3 tahun 2018. Saya tinggal di mentari court , Petaling jaya Selangor . Tapi saya masih lagi student . Tempat saya tinggal sekarang hostel dari pihak kolej .

    • Sabariah binti othman 07-05-2020 [ Reply ]

      Sabariah bt osman
      38b jln haji sirat kg baru k.l 50300
      Nak check bill bulan 4.2020

  16. JJ 27-06-2018 [ Reply ]

    Other than to view and pay individual bills. Is it possible for me to view and pay company electric bills as well ? Please advise. Thank you.

  17. ABDUL RAHMAN RITEN 04-05-2018 [ Reply ]

    how to register

  18. Ancella Soo 15-04-2018 [ Reply ]

    I tried to register my account a lot of times but failed. When I tried to use my email to register the message received is Email exists , please use another email to register .When I tried to log in using my email, it says that the user is not activated. Please advise.I also tried to email to tnb careline but no solution.

  19. Bang 06-04-2018 [ Reply ]

    i add account but fail. System say ROC Number and Account Number do not match.
    What can i do???

    • biah 01-06-2020 [ Reply ]

      same goes with me

    • MisterLeaf 03-06-2020 [ Reply ]

      ROC Number? Registration for company? Just go to any TNB branch to settle.

  20. Kelly 15-03-2018 [ Reply ]

    I registered with the right email address but I didn’t even receive the email to active my account. Any solution?

  21. Nasyatie 14-03-2018 [ Reply ]

    Hi, i didnt receive my tnb bill for almost 3 months and already registered in tnb portal but cant login. this is my 2nd time facing the same problem with the billings, at the end when i checked at “kedai tnb” the bill goes so high and not accurate.

    pleasee advice. tq

  22. Nasyatie 14-03-2018 [ Reply ]

    Hi, i already registered but i forgot to click “i am not robot” (whatever so call during the registration) but then i still got the notification that my registration is successful. however till now i still cant login, as stated my account/user not activate and i didnt receive any email or notification in my email.

    Please advice. tqvm

    [email protected]

  23. K L Nao 21-02-2018 [ Reply ]

    Where can I take back the deposit of TNB in Kuala Lumpur since the house already sold?

  24. Chain 30-01-2018 [ Reply ]

    I m the tenant so how can i view the bill? I dont know the owner ic so how can i add the account.

    • Bang 06-04-2018 [ Reply ]

      U should as your owner IC 1st… i no ic cant view bill

  25. cindy salim 18-11-2017 [ Reply ]

    I am the tenant… can I view the electric Bill? I know the account number of electric bill but I don’t know the user id and password of the owner… I want to pay quickly after I get the bill, but the owner is always late to give me the bill

  26. farrah 20-10-2017 [ Reply ]

    I m the tenant so how can i view the bill? I dont know the owner ic so how can i add the account..

  27. QuahLeeMan 28-08-2017 [ Reply ]

    Can reprint tnb bill but account name under others owner?
    My company got a lots of Hostel, how to reprint TNB bills for every account under different owner name?
    Pls advise. Thanks

    • MisterLeaf 31-08-2017 [ Reply ]

      Different owner should have different TNB account number, isn’t it? Then you can print out all TNB bills for every account.

  28. Miss 22-08-2017 [ Reply ]

    We cannot register if the of the account number and the ic number is not complement?

  29. Joanne 15-04-2017 [ Reply ]

    Tried few times to register under but not successful
    Please advice.

    • MisterLeaf 14-08-2017 [ Reply ]

      May I know the reason or the message shown?

  30. mag 21-11-2016 [ Reply ]

    Why TNB keep changing the portal as its troublesome to company to registered i been using
    tnb on line bill since 2009 each 3 years once TNB been upgrading and changing their portal.

    • MisterLeaf 14-08-2017 [ Reply ]

      You can login to the new portal using your registered email address in old portal.

  31. sjkcpuiying 21-11-2016 [ Reply ]

    Please forward the October Electricity Bill to [email protected]

  32. Reiden 31-10-2016 [ Reply ]

    Interested in itemized monthly bill

  33. Sinee 05-10-2016 [ Reply ]

    Cannot view and print out the monthly bill.pls advice

  34. Clphua 27-08-2016 [ Reply ]

    Couldnt print out the monthly bill even using the new portal. Maybe still under maintenance.

  35. sjkcpuiying 22-08-2016 [ Reply ]

    Tried few times to register under e-services to view and print monthly bill but not successful.
    Please advice.

  36. josephine rebecca 25-04-2016 [ Reply ]

    balance payment on my electric account

    • MisterLeaf 28-04-2016 [ Reply ]

      yes, we can check our electricity account and billing online now

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