How to ask your bank to revise home loan package rate?

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It’s is the right time for all CONSUMER to ask your bank to revise your home loan or house loan interest rate.

My old package is BLR + 0.5 from Alliance Bank home loan package. It is damn high compare to current market package which are below the BLR. Currently, the standard package is BLR – 1.95 from any bank.

Revise Your Home Loan

How to revise your home loan rate?

Step 1:
Fill in a form with your existing bank home loan. My case is Alliance Bank.

Step 2:
Go to other bank which offer the best package. In my case, it is EON BANK (or Hong Leong Bank). Get their offer letter as shown below and pass back to your existing bank home loan.

Step 3:
You will get what you want. Success.

EON bank loan

For my case,

  • 1st appeal – BLR – 1.7 ( Without offer letter)
  • 2nd appeal – BLR – 2.0 (With EONBANK home loan simulation)
  • 3rd appeal – (With EONBANK offer letter, 1st 6 years BLR-2.1, thereafter BLR-2.2)

BLR +0 – 1st 2 years
BLR – 2.1 – 4 years
BLR – 2.2 – thereafter

I have won this battle. I stick back to my existing home loan because I am still in the lock in period and I don’t want to pay the penalty(RM7200) and loan lawyer fees (RM 4000).

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2 comments on “How to ask your bank to revise home loan package rate?

  1. hi,

    ocbc 40 years semi flexi loan also can do this way?


    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      I think should be same way to ask for revise the home loan interest. Try it.

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