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According to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), a total of 77 companies or individuals listed as entity without approval and unauthorized investment activities in Malaysia.

Most of the activities undertaken by the company or individual is on gold investment, silver investment, foreign currency business (forex) or some unlicensed investment, maybe bird nest investment.

77 gold tidak sah BNM

The investors need to be careful to make financial investments in order not to get stuck investing in these illegal investment companies. Gold Investment become gold investment scam.

If you really want to invest in gold, please go to any bank in Malaysia to buy a paper gold or gold deposit account. So, please check your investment company name NOW.

Based on information received by BNM, below is the list of known companies and websites which are not authorised nor approved under the relevant laws and regulations administered by BNM.

NoName of unauthorised entities/individualType
11globalcashAktiviti tidak berlesen
21Gold.com.myPelaburan emas
3Al-Saliha Worlwide Sdn. Bhd.Aktiviti tidak berlesen
4Amsyiq Gold EnterprisePelaburan emas
5AU Niaga Sdn. Bhd.Pelaburan emas
6AU79 InternationalPelaburan emas
7Bumi Klasik Warisan EnterpriseAktiviti tidak berlesen
8Caesar Gold Sdn. Bhd.Pelaburan emas
9Cakera Ringgit Sdn. Bhd.Aktiviti tidak berlesen
10Dana Haji JasmanAktiviti tidak berlesen
11Degold Empire S/BPelaburan emas
12DNA Profile Sdn. Bhd.Aktiviti tidak berlesen
13East Cape Mining CorpPelaburan emas
14Extra Capital ProgrammePerniagaan mata wang asing
15Ezey MarketingAktiviti tidak berlesen
16FE Brands (M) S/BAktiviti tidak berlesen
17Flexsy Enterprise & Barrilorne CorpPelaburan emas
18FNZ Capital LimitedPerniagaan mata wang asing
19FX PrimusPerniagaan mata wang asing
20Gain FX Capital S/BPerniagaan mata wang asing
21Gan Patt ServicesAktiviti tidak berlesen
22Genneva Malaysia Sdn BhdPelaburan emas
23GGF Golden House Sdn BhdPelaburan emas
24Global Creation TradingAktiviti tidak berlesen
25Global Venture FinancingPerniagaan mata wang asing
26Gorgeous Chain Sdn. Bhd.Perniagaan mata wang asing
27Great Access Sdn. Bhd.Aktiviti tidak berlesen
28Hexa Commerce Sdn BhdPerniagaan mata wang asing
29Honest Group LtdAktiviti tidak berlesen
30Iconhill Holding Sdn BhdAktiviti tidak berlesen
31IGC DiamondPelaburan emas
32InstaforexPerniagaan mata wang asing
33Isothree Gold Sdn. Bhd.Pelaburan emas
34Jalatama Management Sdn BhdPelaburan emas
35Jazlaan EnterpriseAktiviti tidak berlesen
36JM Communications & Technology SdnAktiviti tidak berlesen
37JMI GlobalAktiviti tidak berlesen
38JTGoldPelaburan emas
39Kris Plus EnterpriseAktiviti tidak berlesen
40Lestari2UAktiviti tidak berlesen
41Liberty ReservePerniagaan mata wang asing
42Life Time Holidays Sdn. Bhd.Aktiviti tidak berlesen
43LocalAdClickAktiviti tidak berlesen
44Mari Wholesale (M) S/BAktiviti tidak berlesen
45Mega Dynasty S/BPelaburan emas
46Megaherbs BioextremeAktiviti tidak berlesen
47One AutoCashAktiviti tidak berlesen
48Pageantry Gold BerhadPelaburan emas
49Pancar Mayang Sdn. Bhd.Aktiviti tidak berlesen
50Pars Pay Sdn. Bhd.Aktiviti tidak berlesen
51Prestige Dairy FarmAktiviti tidak berlesen
52Program 10 Bulan Forex TradingPerniagaan mata wang asing
53Program I-RichAktiviti tidak berlesen
54Projek Duit 2012Perniagaan mata wang asing
55Provisio MultimediaPerniagaan mata wang asing
56Real Ingenious S/BPerniagaan mata wang asing
57RGCX Trading CorpPerniagaan mata wang asing
58RMMUDAH.COMAktiviti tidak berlesen
59Rowther Technologies MSC Sdn BhdAktiviti tidak berlesen
60RS Capital Holdings BhdAktiviti tidak berlesen
61Slimberry Extreme TeamAktiviti tidak berlesen
62SpeedlinePerniagaan mata wang asing
63Sri Perkasa Emas TradingPelaburan emas
64Suliz Pearl MinesAktiviti tidak berlesen
65Swiss Capital VenturePelaburan emas
66Syarikat GECS LtdPerniagaan mata wang asing
67Syarikat OLTA Capital Management IncPerniagaan mata wang asing
68Syarikat Sri AlamAktiviti tidak berlesen
69Tabung Dana EhsanAktiviti tidak berlesen
70Titan Group Sdn. BhdAktiviti tidak berlesen
71TukarGold.netPelaburan emas
72VC Gold Sdn. Bhd.Pelaburan emas
73Vertical Dragon Sdn. Bhd.Aktiviti tidak berlesen
74Virgin Gold Mining CorporationPelaburan emas
75Worldwide Far East BerhadPelaburan emas
76XOC7Aktiviti tidak berlesen
77Zeta Capital ManagementAktiviti tidak berlesen
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