How to use Google Maps – Google Transit (public transport) in Malaysia?

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Google Maps, a very convenient website that we can know the specific distance of the two places, routes and travel time.

Recently Google manage to include Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) public transport information in Google Map. Tourist and residents in Kuala Lumpur can start to use Google Transit.

How to use Google Transit (Google Map) to get direction?

1. Open “”

2. Click the “Get Direction” tab, key in the two places name at  search panel, and click “Get direction”.

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3. We can see the maps and routes. However, this route is the route of the car. Google Maps recommended 3 routes, including Lebuhraya Persekutuan, Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan and Lebuhraya Shah Alam.

Google transit car

4. If we want to know the public transport routes, then we have to click the “Bus” icon tab. Google Maps recommended 4 routes, including light rail transit (LRT), Heavy Rail (Komuter), Bus and walking.

Google transit public

5. Choose the best route. Try it out.

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