How to use Maybank2u to pay UOB credit card

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I have a UOB Credit Card, but I always use Maybank2u to transfer money or pay the credit card bill on line. is the only one official Maybank financial portal in Malaysia.

Maybank2u is offering on line banking services and the customers can pay bills, check balance, put e-fixed deposit, buying gold and many more through the web portal.

Pay Credit Card Via

Today, I will show you how to pay UOB credit card bill online through the step by step.

1. Login to our account, click on the lower right button and “back to the classic”.

2. Click Account & Banking > Transfer. A few columns to be selected. We click New Interbank Fund transfer / New Interbank GIRO transfer.

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maybank interbank fund transfer

3. There is a list of banks in Malaysia. Select the “United Overseas Bank Berhad”.

Maybank pay UOB 3

4. After this, we key in the “Amount” of payment, “Recipient Name” and  the credit card “Account number”.

5. We select “credit card payment” from the drop down list.

Maybank Pay UOB 4

6. We will be requested to key in the TAC (Transaction Authorisation Code). After key in the TAC, we success pay the UOB  credit card online via Maybank2u.

Maybank Pay UOB

Update: Effective 2 May 2013, the Interbank GIRO (IBG) transfer charge is reduced to only RM 0.10.

19 comments on “How to use Maybank2u to pay UOB credit card

  1. Venki B K [ Reply ]

    May I know how long will it take for the “Intstent transfer” to reach HSBC credit card repayment via Maybank2U?

  2. I have chosen Credit Card payment in my Maybank apps via Interbank GIRO, but in my UOB credit card account, there is no reduction on the Amount Used but there is an increase at the Limit Left. So, does it considered as a credit card payment?

  3. What if I choose Fund Transfer in Instant Transfer payment type instead of credit card payment, is it still can transfer to the Credit Card?

  4. Franky [ Reply ]

    What if my payment type i choose fund transfer? Does it still pay to the credit card payment?

    • MisterLeaf [ Reply ]

      Yes, paying other bank credit card is using fund transfer mode.

  5. kanesh kumar [ Reply ]


    • MisterLeaf [ Reply ]

      If you want to transfer money to other people as fast as possible, Instant Fund Tranfer is better.

  6. Mohd Hanafi Bin Ngah [ Reply ]

    Tolong bagitau tentang deposit

  7. kanesh kumar [ Reply ]

    what should i put in name colom…whos name

  8. Hi, May i know when UOB will update the balance after i do instant transfer?

  9. When can we see payment update to UOB?

  10. janice [ Reply ]

    Hi, I would like to know the account number I should put the number on my credit card or the payment account ref from the statement? Both number is 16 digits. Thanks!

    • MisterLeaf [ Reply ]

      I thought both number is same number, isn’t it? Please check again.

  11. If we enter primary credit card #, is it include the sub card payment as well?

  12. Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

    Update: Effective 2 May 2013, the Interbank GIRO (IBG) transfer charge is reduced to only RM 0.10.

  13. 小流氓 [ Reply ]

    How much it was charged for each transaction made?

    • Mister Leaf [ Reply ]

      RM2 per transaction. However the RM 2 is considered worthy if the UOB cash rebate can give us RM 20 – RM 50 every month,

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