Compare Fixed Deposit Rate in Malaysia: Maybank, CIMB, PBB, HLB etc

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In order to allow everyone to compare the fixed deposit rate of Malaysian banks, I have prepared the following charts for your reference and comparison.

FD is a low-risk investment tool with a certain amount of interest. Usually, we keep a fixed amount of money with a bank over a period of time on which we can earn some money from that. Although it is impossible to get rich if rely on FD. Investment in FD allows us to cultivate the good habit of saving.

Fixed deposit is known to be one of the most secure investment but with a lower return. If you like to invest your money in the fixed deposit you may choose from the list below to maximize your return.

The table below is the latest conventional fixed deposit rate as of September 2019.

Affin Bank1.70%1.80%1.85%1.85%AFFIN FD
MBSB Bank1.85%1.90%1.95%2.15%MBSB FD
Maybank1.50%1.70%1.80%1.85%Maybank FD
CIMB bank1.65%1.70%1.80%1.85%CIMB FD
Public bank1.70%1.75%1.80%1.85%PBB FD
RHB bank1.65%1.70%1.80%1.85%RHB FD
Ambank1.60%1.65%1.70%1.55%AMBANK FD
Hong Leong1.50%1.55%1.60%1.60%HLB FD
Bank Rakyat*1.85%2.00%2.15%2.40%Rakyat FD
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Update: Sep 2019

From the above chart, the highest interest rate is given by Affin Bank (3.90%) and other banks are 2.85% – 3.10%. However, some banks will give special offers at certain times, and interest will be a little higher than the above interest.

In addition, Bank Rakyat’s interest rate is also very good, but Bank Rakyat is not a member of PIDM.

In general, Commercial Bank and Islamic Bank are members of PIDM. PIDM protects your bank deposits and will promptly reimburse you on your insured deposits should a member bank fail

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