How to put money in CIMB eFixed Deposit online placement

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I like to put my money in saving account, I feel great when the money that I had save is increasing. But MisterLeaf don’t think so, he always advice me to put my money in FD.

MisterLeaf always remind me that although it’s impossible to get rich if rely on FD, but FD allows us to cultivate the good habit of saving.

So, today I’m going to share on my experience on eFixed Deposit by CIMB bank. I believe that other bank’s eFixed Deposit method is almost the same.

First of all, sign in to CIMB click.

Then, click on manage Manage My Account, then choose FD Placement below eFixed Deposit.

CIMB eFixed Deposit

Then, full fill the table as shown below.

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CIMB eFixed Deposit

After that, click on accept then summit. See that? Just few simple steps.

If you wish to uplift your money, just click on “uplift”, then your money will back to your saving account.

CIMB eFixed Deposit


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4 comments on “How to put money in CIMB eFixed Deposit online placement

  1. kui 29-08-2012 [ Reply ]

    1 choose tenure minimum 2 months if amount is less then 5k. 2.then select auto renewel
    3.then pay to prinsiple ( interest add on every 2 months )
    2k in 1st jan 2012, will mature automaticaly on 1st march,may will cumulate 2 times interest, then on 2nd may you will see online yr efd will matured on july, but 2nd may you can transfer to yr saving acc b4 you go to bank to put in fd cert.
    interest earning is RM25++ in 5 months (RATE 3% PER YEAR)


  2. shui 28-08-2012 [ Reply ]

    Hi liang liang ~
    Usually we will receive FD certificate when u put FD as proof .
    CIMB Bank staff told me that we only can keep the e-FD hardcopy instead of the FD certificate , and we only can uplift your e-FD thru CIMB click instead of bank counter …..
    so i not dare to try this e-FD till now ..
    anyway , thanks for your sharing 🙂

    • kui 28-08-2012 [ Reply ]

      i start e fd (maybank) jan 2012. same as shui, i dare not to try.but now i feel good to use e fd.
      what i do : once my saving acc (maybank )reach RM2000, i will transfer 1K into efd. i keep transfer to e fd till e fd reach 10K then i transfer back to my acc, then walk in bank the next day to put FD certificate using saving acc book.

      • shui 29-08-2012 [ Reply ]

        Hi Kui ,
        May i know the e-FD interest rate still can be accumulated till u transfer back to ur saving ?
        hehe … then i dare to try liao ~~~
        thanks for your info sharing ^^

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