How To Uplift / Withdraw Maybank2U FD Online in 5 Steps

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Previously, I wrote about the method to place Fixed Deposit (FD) online using Some of my friends ask me to write about the way to uplift / withdraw the eFD before or after maturity.

Today, I will show you how to withdraw the e fixed deposit online step by step. There are only 5 easy steps without going to any branch of Maybank.

1. Click “Account & Banking” > “Fixed Deposits & Mudarabah IA” > “Make an upliftment”.

Maybank Uplift FD

2. The system will show the eFD account or product type, like “Maybank Flexi Fixed Deposit”. Click “View Details”.

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Maybank Uplift FD

3. The system will show all the eFD certs in our Maybank account. Select the one we want to uplift.

Maybank Uplift FD

4. We will be requested to key in the TAC (Transaction Authorisation Code). Click the Yellow Button “Request For TAC” to get the TAC.

Maybank Uplift FD

5. The system will show us the upliftment status. Done.

Maybank Uplift FD

If you want to know the method to place an e Fixed Deposit online via Maybank2u. Please read the article here: How to Place e FD online via Maybank2U

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